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Family Law & Divorce Lawyers in San Antonio

Family law matters are among some of the most emotionally and financially challenging for the families enduring some of the obstacles associated. From divorces to child support modifications to adoptions and child protective services issues, dealing with the complications tied to family law situations can be overwhelming and completely transform a household. That is why many San Antonio residents facing these types of situations rely on our team of San Antonio Family Law Attorneys to help them.


While some divorces are simple and straight forward, others involve children, retirement benefits and extensive property. Despite the differences between a simple, uncontested divorce with very little property and a contested divorce dealing with a large amount of assets, looking for an experienced divorce lawyer in San Antonio can benefit families considering either. While a divorce may seem simple enough to do on one's own, seeking the help of an experienced San Antonio Family Law Attorney can help reveal important information that can help divorcees maneuver through the process while protecting assets, property and custody.

Child Custody Issues

Even in situations where child custody is not a complicated battle, the process of splitting custody and visitation can provoke anxiety and stress. Whether going through a divorce, modifying a current visitation schedule or seeking custody of a family member, most custody situations require the specific experience of an attorney family with the area laws and pinpointed issues surrounding one's exact situation.

The stress related to child custody situations can completely overwhelm parents trying to juggle their family, professional and financial lives. Going from a dual income to a single income following a divorce can be difficult, even with the availability and presence of established child support.

Child Support and Modifications
Many single parents rely on child support to make ends meet following a breakup or divorce, making the amount of child support one will receive a question that many people seeking help with family matters have. Understanding the specific amount of child support one is entitled to depends on the state, employment and other considerations. Because of the various factors related to how much child support a parent with primary custody is entitled to often requires the advocacy of a knowledgeable San Antonio Family Law Attorney who is familiar with the issues associated with child custody and child support.

As life situations occur, especially within a struggling economy, child support modifications are sometimes necessary. Parents may begin making more money, increasing the amount of child support one is responsible for and the amount a parent with primary custody is entitled to receive.

Although the situations families face when it comes to legal issues can range and vary from person to person, the aid of a family law attorney in San Antonio can help reveal the truths associated while provided clear answers and advocacy. Protecting oneself and planning the way a divorce or custody matter progresses, right from the start can help prevent future needs and make a difficult situation and simplified as it possibly can be.


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