Trucking Accidents Involving Cell Phones and Texting

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It’s a fact that cellphones and 18-wheelers don’t mix. Commercial truck drivers have under their control, an 80,000 pound potential weapon and they must display more caution when on the roads than others. Accidents involving semi-trucks commonly involve much more severe injuries because of their weight and size.

Though there are many safety regulations in place, truck drivers can become lax and think that they are experienced enough to drive and talk on the phone. After a few years, a commercial driver may believe that he is a good driver and that it would be okay to text while driving. But the truth is that this can be disastrous, even fatal for other motorists.

Thousands of tons of cargo travel back and forth on the roadways of America every year and it’s important for these deliveries to arrive safely. This means that truck drivers must be more diligent than others. They carry with them a greater potential for harm.All current data proves that safety goes out the window when drivers try to text and talk on the phone.

All these facts taken into account mean that negligence from commercial drivers simply cannot be tolerated. If you’ve been hurt in an accident involving a trucker using a cellphone, then you understand the anger and frustration that victims experience. This is such an avoidable accident, and yet it happens all too frequently.

Those who have been injured have the right to be compensated for their losses. Families who have lost a one through an accident of this type need to know that they can seek restitution for their losses. By holding the guilty parties responsible, you also send a strong message to truck companies about trucking safety.

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