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When there is an accident involving a commercial 18 wheeler truck, the owner of that truck and their insurance company are liable for the damages.  Truck accident liability is complex and involves an extensive amount of investigation and analysis by an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Keep in mind that a truck accident also could be the responsibility of more than one person or entity, despite who owns the truck. Who is at fault is not always so cut and dry. The truck driver could be partially responsible, as could the company who loaded the truck or even the manufacturer of the truck.


A 18 wheeler, semi,tractor-trailor or big rig truck accident can be due to the negligence of one party or a number of parties.

  • Truck Driver – examples of truck driver negligence include driver fatigue, using a cell phone, drugs and/or alcohol, reckless driving, or aggressive driving or the truck was not serviced or inspected adequately.
  • Truck Manufacturer – if the truck manufacturer, or the manufacturer of any part of the truck, built the truck with a defective part, the manufacturer may be completely or partially responsible for the truck accident.
  • Loading Company – sometimes the truck is loaded by an independent company, which could be responsible for all or part of the semi or 18 wheeler truck accident.
  • Government Owned – if the truck accident involved an emergency vehicle like a fire truck, ambulance, or police car, or if the truck accident was caused by a defective or unsafe road, the federal, state, or local government may be responsible for all or part of the accident.

Your truck accident lawyers at Zinda Law Group will initiate a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the accident, including using experts to develop an accident reconstruction. Our law firm has tenure in these complex liability issues and the resources to help you seek the damages and settlement that you deserve.