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Accident cases involving commercial trucks have varying lengths of duration. As with any motor vehicle accident case, several factors play into how long a case lasts. Among the issues involved are the manner in which the crash occurred as well as the nature and severity of the injuries.

Almost every crash victim wants their case over with quickly and for the full amount they demand. Who can blame them? They have been injured, they are left without a vehicle, and they cannot work, all the while medical bills pile up. Sometimes, though, the better course of action is to wait until your truck accident attorney has had an opportunity to gather all of the information needed to make your best case.


Many factors contribute to the duration of a semi-truck case. Truck accident cases tend to be more complicated than the average car accident case, as they should be. The investigations into how the accident happened take longer to conclude than the average crash.

You can rest assured that the insurance companies providing coverage for the semi-truck involved in the crash will need to know exactly what happened. The following are a few factors that contribute to the length of a semi-truck claim:

  • A key component of the investigation into the accident will include examining the driver’s safety and certification records, as well as their history of moving violations and Department of Transportation infractions. This is a procedure that will take some time.
  • Semi-truck accidents may involve investigations by federal and state regulatory agencies, including the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Their analysis and conclusions regarding the collision may help a victim with their case. However, these federal agencies are deliberate when investigating accidents, and their reports may take up to a year to be released. It may be worth the wait, though, because the reports generated by these agencies contain a wealth of information.
  • Your truck accident attorney must have the opportunity to gather from investigators all reports regarding the accident. Your trucking attorney might need to hire an expert in crash reconstruction analysis to help understand and evaluate the technical analysis included in those reports.
  • Another component of your lawyer’s investigation into the accident will involve trying to learn as much as possible about the driver of the truck, the trucking company, the cargo, how and when it was loaded and by whom, and at what facility.
  • Your truck accident lawyer must accumulate all of your medical bills, medical reports, evidence from your doctor about the duration of your injuries, lost wages, evidence of lost economic opportunity, pain and suffering, and property loss.
  • Your truck accident lawyer will also need time to learn about you and your life before and after the accident. Your trucking attorney will need to know how this loss has affected you and how your life has changed since the crash.


At Zinda Law Group, our truck accident attorneys have vast experience representing semi-truck crash victims nationwide. Our trucking lawyers will provide you with legal advice while working diligently to reach a fair and just resolution of your claim. Contact us at 888-345-9407 today to schedule a free consultation and to learn how we can help you with your claim if you or a loved one was injured or killed in a semi-truck accident.

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