How to Win Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

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When any automobile accident occurs, acting quickly in order to document the scene, the property damage, and the bodily injuries can be the difference between a good recovery and no recovery at all. This is especially true in cases involving 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles.

The following are some of the most essential considerations to winning a trucking case.

Identify & Preserve Evidence

Many people do not realize that large trucks contain a black box similar to the ones found on airliners. That box contains a wealth of information, including:

  • Speed
  • Braking reaction time
  • Time on the road
  • Which gear the vehicle was in at the time of the collision

Failing to act quickly to obtain and investigate that information from the trucking company can result in the data being overwritten and, therefore, lost forever.

Know Federal Trucking Laws

Federal law requires drivers to keep detailed logs, maintenance records, and inspection reports. Following a truck accident, these key pieces of evidence often point to failure in maintaining the truck or indicate whether the driver was properly rested.

Drivers are also required to submit to drug testing in the event of an accident, and that data will not be shared with the injured victim unless specifically requested. In short, commercial drivers and the companies who employ them are required by law to maintain high standards of safety and to document all of them.

Knowing what to find and where to find it will help preserve the evidence necessary to win.

Visit the Doctor

Go to the doctor immediately following your truck accident. When an incident as traumatic as getting hit by an 18-wheeler happens, adrenaline will flow freely and may mask injuries at the scene.  Additionally, other long-term injuries such as torn ligaments, ruptured or bulging discs, or other orthopedic issues may be overshadowed by muscle pain and tightness for days and even weeks after the accident.

Chalking these injuries up to “soreness” or “stiffness” and taking a wait-and-see approach can result in large gaps in medical treatment, which will make it easier for an insurance company to deny a claim. Getting to a specialist who can document the evidence of an injury in their medical records and prescribe appropriate treatment will increase an injured person’s chances of recovering for those injuries.

Think Like an Insurance Company

By way of comparison, most people would never expect an insurance company to pay for damage to their vehicle without first inspecting it, documenting the damage, and obtaining repair estimates in order to verify the condition of the vehicle and assess the cost of correcting the damage.

Similarly, it is unreasonable to ask an insurance company to pay for a personal injury claim without first documenting the injuries and obtaining medical records created by professionals qualified to diagnose and treat bodily injuries.

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