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Proper inspection records are required in the trucking industry. Federal regulations govern this area very closely because of its importance in preventing serious accidents. In the aftermath of an accident involving an 18-wheeler, these truck maintenance records can prove whether or not the trucking company had kept the regular routine maintenance done on the truck.

These records will show whether any failure to properly maintain the truck and trailer could have contributed to the accident. Examination of these records may show that the truck was overdue for brakes or new tires. This information is gathered along with the driver’s log book and any info from the onboard computer to ascertain the true cause of the truck accident.

Truck maintenance and inspection records may reveal whether brakes, air brakes, trailers, tires, or lights may have been faulty or in need of maintenance. Log books can determine if an 18-wheeler driver could have been impaired by lack of sleep, prescription drugs, or other factors.

The accounts of all those involved along with any eye witnesses also becomes crucial evidence should any subsequent legal action be taken by victims or their families. With a long list of items that could become important evidence, the need to act quickly after an accident like this becomes apparent. Evidence can be lost and witnesses can forget exactly what happened.


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