What to Do at the Hospital After a Truck Accident

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Our clients often ask us what they should’ve done when they got to the hospital after a trucking accident. Let me tell you, getting there is the first step. Make sure that if you’re in pain, you go get checked out. You don’t want to try to be tough for two or three days and let the pain increase and let your symptoms become worse just because you hoped they went away.

Also, when you get to the hospital make sure you tell the staff exactly what happened and exactly what’s hurting so that they can evaluate you properly and potentially take the proper test. Make sure you don’t embellish about your injuries or what happened as they’re going to document that information in your medical records and if that doesn’t match up with the police report or witness’ statements, you may get questioned about it later.

Most importantly, you need to follow up with medical treatments as directed by your doctor. When you leave the hospital, you’re probably going to be handed a discharged summary with instructions, prescriptions and additional recommendations. I can’t emphasize it enough; follow your doctor’s instructions after you leave the hospital.