What To Do At The Scene Of A Truck Accident

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Many potential clients call our office and ask us what they should’ve done at the scene of a truck accident.

First of all, make sure you get the name of everybody involved.

So find out:

  • What the name of the driver is
  • Who the company is that owns the truck
  • The insurance company that insures the truck
  • Contact information for any witnesses

If possible you may also want to take pictures of the scene, of the cars and potentially your injuries.

Also, make sure you stay at the scene until police arrive. They’re going to be the best source of information as to how and why this happened.

Make sure you keep your cool. Attitudes can definitely change after a traumatic incident or a wreck involving yourself or family members, but keeping your cool will make sure that you’re thinking clearly enough to take care what’s important, and that’s your health.

Remember to get out of the road way if possible. If you’re injured, go to the hospital right away, and follow doctor’s instructions.