Who’s to Blame for an 18-Wheeler Accident Caused by Bad Brakes?

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If you’ve been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler that had bad brakes, you may be wondering how you can recover for your injuries and damages to your vehicle. Brake issues can be caused be a number of individuals, including the brake manufacturer, the company or individual that failed to repair the brakes, or the driver for unsafe driving that led to the brake failure.

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Who’s to Blame?

The Manufacturer

If it is discovered that the brakes on the truck are defective, but had not been recalled by the manufacturer, you may have a valid claim against the manufacturer. Brakes are required to meet a number of federal standards in order to be safe for road travel. If the brakes on the truck involved in the crash were defective, but were not recalled, the manufacturer acted negligently and you may be able to recover from them.

The Trucking Company

When a truck with poor brakes is on the road, it is a danger to everyone. Truck drivers and their employers are required to check the braking system before their trucks hit the road. However, this is not done as often as it should be. In order to serve their bottom line, trucking companies typically wait until brakes are beyond repair before they decide to take action. Companies and drivers are required to keep documentation of inspection, and if either fails to do so, you might be able to recover for your damages from their failure to comport with the law.

If the truck was loaded improperly, this may have contributed to the brake failure. Unevenly distributed cargo can lead to rapid brake failure, and may have been the cause of your accident. It is important to determine who loaded the truck, and whether they did so properly, or cut corners to save time.

The Truck Driver

In addition, unsafe driving can lead to brake failure. Some drivers will use risky driving maneuvers in order to reach destinations quicker, which can also lead to rapid brake deterioration. In addition, sometimes truck drivers who own the vehicle they are driving will spend less on brake repair than is necessary in order to save money. Either way, drivers who are not driving or maintaining their truck in a way that follows federal and state regulations may be liable for your injuries.

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To learn what the precise cause of your accident was, it is important to find an experienced truck accident lawyer. A truck accident lawyer will help you determine what the exact root cause of your accident was, and who you can recover from.

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