Will My Truck Accident Case Go to Trial?

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These days, most personal injury cases, including truck accident cases, that result in a lawsuit do not go to trial. In fact, 90 percent of cases typically settle before a trial occurs. Many factors go into determining whether a truck accident case will go to trial.


Liability is one of the factors that determine if a truck accident case will go to trial. Liability facts such as who is at fault, to what degree the party was at fault, and what injuries occurred all play a part. If liability is contested, the chance of the case going to trial increases. If multiple vehicles share blame in the wreck, the chances of the case going to trial increase even more.


Injuries that occur as a result of an 18-wheeler wreck affect the chances of a case going to trial. If the injuries are severe and directly related to the truck accident, the chances of going to trial decrease. If the injuries are not severe but there is an inordinate amount of medical treatment, the chances of going to trial increase.

Nationwide Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys

Hiring a seasoned 18-wheeler accident attorney at the beginning of your claim shortly after the incident can help prevent the need to go to trial. Truck accident lawyers can build a case in such a way that the other party will be more willing to settle, as opposed to going to trial. This is why it is important to always contact a trucking accident attorney right away, so that they can begin their investigation and build a record in order to push the case towards settlement.

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