2 Year Old Drowns in Family Pool on Birthday

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A family mourns the loss of their toddler on the day of her birthday in Tyler, Texas. 2 year old Ava Faith Ayers drowned mid-Monday afternoon on her birthday.

Ava Faith Ayers and her 3 year old sister, Zoe, were being watched by a 16 year old babysitter on the afternoon of Ava’s birthday. The babysitter was talking to someone at the door who had stopped by when apparently Ava wandered outside and fell into the family’s pool. When the sitter noticed she was gone, she immediately called 911. EMT took Ava to Mother Frances Hospital, but doctors there were unable to revive her. She was declared dead at the hospital.

Although both Ava and Zoe were adopted, they were biological sisters. Jay and Christine Knight, the parents, adopted Zoe when she was an infant, and adopted Ava about a year ago.

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