20-year old kills friend in Fort Worth DWI

According to myfoxdfw.com, 20-year old Justin Williams drove his vehicle while intoxicated and ran into a pole. Unfortunately, Henry Soria, a passenger in the vehicle, was killed last Saturday after the car crash after being thrown from the vehicle.

EMS and police responded to the scene quickly, and arrested Mr. Williams for DWI and manslaughter. This tragic incident is yet another instance of what has Texas ranked second among all U.S. states, driving fatalities. For instance, in 2008, 1,463 total deaths caused in Texas where at least one driver had a BAC of 0.01% or above, as indicated by a study published on drinkdriving.org.

As a result, typically the ways to curb these instances from occurring so prevalently are imposing more serious penalties, or instituting policies, procedures, and education to attempt to reduce the unbelievable high rate of deaths that occur because of drinking while driving. As a result, several large cities in Texas have put programs into place in order to continue to make individuals aware of the dangers alcohol presents, as well as protect individuals where a high rate of drinking and driving may occur.