7 Year Old Child Hit by Car, Killed After Exiting School Bus

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There are very strict laws concerning traffic around a school bus, and for a good reason. A 7 year old child was killed on Thursday as he was getting off of the bus from school. According to reports, Nicolas Garza was walking across State Highway 34 near Savannah Lane when he was hit by a car coming from the other direction.

Oncoming cars are supposed to stop when school buses stop to avoid exactly this type of pedestrian accident. School buses are equipped with flashing red lights as well as a stop sign that pops out when they stop to let children out.

The driver of the pickup was 47 year old Salvador Hernandez. He was arrested after the accident for involuntary manslaughter. It is not believed that alcohol played a role in the crash, although some sources indicate that he tried to pass the stopped cars in front of him in order to get around the traffic.

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