Abuse of Brain-Injured Patients in Their Care Facilities

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When children receive injuries, parents will send them to care facilities in order for them to receive the proper treatments that will lead them to a recovery. Unfortunately for Peter Price, the treatment he received from the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation was far from what they family could have expected. Back in 2009, Peter told his sister Jessica that he wanted to get out of the rehab center because they were beating him up. According to reports, the staff members at the treatment center were frequently abusing him, by punching him in the face or in the groin.

He sought to be transferred to another facility, though the process was delayed. As a response to the horrible news, he sought to take his own life, thinking it would be far better off than the treatment he was receiving at the center. By swallowing 5 small fish hooks and 22 AA batteries, he hoped it would be enough to end his life. Doctors caught the incident soon enough and were able to send him into an emergency surgery to remove the items, and due to the surgery he was sent off to another hospital for transfer. Unfortunately Peter Price wasn’t the only victim of this rehab centers heinous crimes. According to police findings, there have been over 2,000 different records that discuss the horror stories of the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation.

The severity of patient abuse continues to grow as the police continue their investigations, find that there are many deaths that are linked with abuse as well. Though some employees are facing charges for abuse crimes in the past, not all have been addressed. This is a horrible situation for any young man to have to go through when hoping that he would be in the healing process. If you or someone you know has received any sort of this abuse or negligence in a care facility doesn’t wait to take action, they deserve to be spoken for. Contact the law office of Zinda Law Group today for more information regarding your case!