How to Calculate the Value of an Accidental Shooting Injury

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It’s a fact of life that accidents happen everyday. From car accidents to sports injuries, the personal injuries that stem from these accidents come in all shapes and sizes. It’s no surprise that when firearms are involved, accidental shooting injuries may ensue.  

Accidental shooting injuries can occur for various reasons. Whether someone is insufficiently trained, drugs or alcohol are involved, or improper gun range administration is at play, all of these factors may contribute to an accidental shooting injury. If you have been injured due to an accidental shooting injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

The value of an accidental shooting injury will depend on a range of factors. Each claim is different and will be dependent on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding the injury. A firearm injury attorney will be able to discuss the various factors to consider in calculating the value of an accidental shooting injury.

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What Are Your Damages?

One of the biggest factors in determining the value of your claim is the extent of your damages. If the accident caused permanent disfigurement, than your claim will be worth more than if your injury is not as serious.

Some factors to consider in determining your damages:

  • Extent of Injury
  • Medical Bills
  • Emotional affect on the victim
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of income

If you are not sure how to measure the damages you sustained due to the shooting accident, think about contacting a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney may be able to assess your claim and help you calculate the amount you should recover.

Inability to Earn a Living

If the injuries you sustained in the accident affect your ability to work, this will likely increase the value of your claim. You may be able to collect damages related to the loss of future earnings. This amount will be calculated based factors such as:

  • Salary before the accident
  • Your age (how many more working years you have)
  • Education level
  • Potential for future earnings


In any personal injury case, it is imperative to keep any and all receipts or documentation related to the accident. This will help prove the amount of damages you have sustained. Evidence of your injury as you progress towards recovery will also help provide context for the severity of the injury.

If you can obtain any witness statements from the accident this will also help bolster your injury claim. If you were in public, there may be surveillance videos you could obtain that may also provide additional context to the accident.

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