Ackerly Gin Explosion Leaves Three Seriously Burned


October 19, 2020

A gin explosion at Flower Grove Co-op Gin Thursday morning left three employees hospitalized. According to KCBD News, the incident was likely the result of a butane leak, which ignited when one of the employees flipped a light switch. Immediately following the explosion, two of the employees were airlifted to University Medical Center in Lubbock, while the third was transported to a local hospital.

Ackerly Gin Explosion Leaves Three Seriously Burned

KCBD reports that the ginning facility was severely damaged in the incident and that its management estimates that the gin will be unusable for at least a year.

Who Might Be Liable in a Gas Leak Explosion?

Gas explosions such as the incident in Ackerly are incredibly destructive and possibly life-changing incidents for those involved. Each event has its unique circumstances that may create confusion when determining who is the at-fault party. To help in this process, a personal injury attorney can determine the party that may be held liable for your injuries, such as:

• A gas or propane company
• A construction, maintenance, or installation company
• A product manufacturing company
• A landlord or homeowner
• The city, county, or state

Were you or a loved one involved in the explosion?

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Information sourced from: KCBD News