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Last updated on: August 11, 2017

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Airsoft guns and BB guns are not necessarily considered real firearms, but they are capable of causing serious injury to their users and those in the proximity. A major issue is that many people think of these guns as toys and they end up in the hands of children who may be inexperienced, immature, or improperly supervised.  When this happens, what can be a fun activity can quickly turn into a dangerous situation.

Airsoft guns and BB guns are frequently lumped together when in fact, they are separate devices. Airsoft guns are a type of pellet gun that uses gas, spring, or electrical mechanisms to fire off small pellets at a high rate of speed and they are more powerful than a typical BB gun. Airsoft guns usually look very similar to a real hand gun, rifle, or even machine gun.  While these guns are generally used for target practice, firearms training, or paintball games, the risk of injury can be significant when misused or fired by inexperienced individuals.

One fortunate factor is that the ammunition used in these guns does not typically travel very far, and it loses strength relative to distance.  However, many tragic accidents occur when these guns are used at close range, which is often the case when children are playing together. If you or a loved one was injured by one of these objects, call the Airsoft and BB gun injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group today at 800-863-5312 for a free consultation.

Safety Concerns with Airsoft Guns and BB Guns

Injuries from airsoft or BB guns can be the result of direct hits or from the ammunition bouncing off of nearby objects or surfaces like buildings, trees, and rocks.  Some of the most severe injuries associated with airsoft and BB guns are shots to the eyes.  If you are shot directly in the eye by an airsoft gun or BB gun, you can become either temporarily or permanently blind, and you may even lose an eye.  But in addition to eye injuries, the pellets used in an airsoft gun or BBs in a BB gun can also cause skin damage and permanent scarring, broken bones or traumatic brain injuries, and in some cases, these guns can cause fatal injuries, particularly when used in close range.

Liability for Airsoft and BB Gun Injuries

Airsoft guns and BB guns can present particular safety hazards, especially to the eyes and face.  If you’ve been injured by an airsoft gun or BB gun that was fired by someone else, they may be liable for your injuries particularly if that individual was inexperienced or was not supervised properly. If you were injured while using an airsoft gun or BB gun, you might be able to recover damages for your medical bills, missed time from work, pain & suffering, and more.

While generally, you are assuming the risk while using one of these guns, if the gun has a defective part and your injuries were caused as a result of this defect, it is possible to obtain damages under products liability laws.  If you or a loved one sustained injuries as the result of an airsoft or BB gun, you should seriously consider consulting with an experienced Airsoft/BB gun accident lawyer as soon as possible to get advice and preserve your right to compensation.

Experienced Airsoft/BB Gun Accident Injury Lawyers

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