Transvaginal Mesh Injury Lawyers

Women with severe injuries arising from the use of transvaginal mesh will likely have a valid products liability claim to file against the manufacturers of this medical device. To date, over 3,000 cases involving severe injuries have been reported to the FDA between 2005 and 2010. If you feel that you were not adequately warned about the risks associated with using transvaginal mesh, then you should stand up for your legal rights and pursue a lawsuit.

An Allen transvaginal mesh lawyer can help you to figure out which defendants bear the responsibility for paying damages in your products liability case. There may be multiple commercial sellers who bear the responsibility for covering your pain and suffering, loss of consortium, medical bills, medical equipment expenses, lost wages, future lost wages and other forms of damages.

When a manufacturer is strictly liable for the injuries that a plaintiff has suffered, this eases the burden that a plaintiff must prove in court. An Allen personal injury lawyer will only need to persuade the court that an entity is considered a commercial seller of transvaginal mesh. He or she will also need to prove that an actual tort occurred. This means that the transvaginal mesh lawyer will need to show that a plaintiff has actually been injured through the use of transvaginal mesh. This is usually an easy element to prove, because thousands of women have suffered clear injuries from this product. Vaginal tissue has eroded as a result of using this mesh. In cases involving severe injuries, women have experienced perforation to blood vessels in the body after using transvaginal mesh.

Any individual who has suffered injuries after using transvaginal mesh should consult with an Allen personal injury lawyer about their options. An Allen personal injury lawyer can help you to find peace of mind in your case. You can leave the complexities of filing a personal injury case to your lawyer. He or she will show that transvaginal mesh manufacturers were negligent in allowing products to leave the factory that were unreasonably dangerous for use by the public.

Also, a lawyer can gather evidence to show that manufacturers were also negligent in allowing products that had a defective condition to be sold. Products that are sold in a defective condition and that are unreasonably dangerous place liability upon the commercial seller for any injuries suffered by the public. In the present case, thousands of batches of transvaginal mesh were sold to the public without having received adequate testing and research.

Even in clinical trials, it has been shown that individuals were harmed by the use of transvaginal mesh. Yet, manufacturers continued to represent the product as completely safe for use and continued to release it to the public.

Anyone who has been injured after using transvaginal mesh should consult with a personal injury lawyer about his or her options. A personal injury lawyer can help you to obtain the appropriate amount of damages for your case.