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Motor vehicle accidents can be extremely traumatizing events, as they may lead to hospitalization and prolonged injuries. Some of these accidents occur due to negligent food delivery drivers who are trying to make as many stops as possible. Their negligence may result in minor to severe injury to other individuals; were you one of them? If you have been injured, call our Arizona pizza delivery accident lawyers as soon as possible following your accident to discuss your potential case.

Our experienced, knowledgeable lawyers are available to our clients 24, 7. Further, we have the resources and knowledge necessary to fight on your behalf and to answer any questions you may have regarding your unique case.

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Why do Pizza delivery motor vehicle accidents occur?

Pizza delivery accidents in Arizona may occur for various reasons; these accidents may be due to either driver negligence, poor driving conditions, or poorly maintained vehicles. No matter how your accident occurred, Zinda Law Group personal injury lawyers near you may be able to help; further, understanding how these accidents occur may help you to avoid these situations while you are on the road. Examples of how a motor vehicle accident may occur in Arizona are described in more detail, below:


A pizza delivery driver may be tempted to speed in order to get the greatest number of pizzas delivered in the shortest amount of time. Unfortunately, speeding is extremely dangerous and endangers everyone on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put forth a study showing that  9,478 people were killed in 2019 due to speeding-related accidents in the United States.

Speeding has also been shown to be involved in approximately one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities. While speeding, you not only increase fuel consumption and cost but you also have a greater potential for loss of vehicle control and a larger stopping distance. This results in increased endangerment not only for the driver, but also for all other individuals on the road.

Distracted Driving

A  pizza delivery person may be distracted for many reasons while driving; for instance, they may be looking for an address on their phone or may be changing the radio after hours of driving. Distracted driving is extraordinarily dangerous and causes approximately 8 deaths each day in the United States; this equates to over 2,800 deaths each year. In 2018, an estimated 400,000 individuals were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Although anything that takes your attention away from driving can be considered a distraction, there are three main types of distracted driving:

Visual. This includes anything that takes your eyes off of the road, such as reading a text message or looking at a passenger.

Manual. Manual distractions include those that take your hands off the wheel, such as changing the radio or eating.

Cognitive. These are any distractions that take your mind off the act of driving. Cognitive distractions may include talking on a cellphone or daydreaming.

Distracted driving can be prevented, however. The CDC has put forth the following tips on avoiding distracted driving for drivers, passengers, and parents:

For Drivers
  • Never multitask while behind the wheel of a car; if you have to adjust your mirrors or eat a sandwich, do so while pulled over in a safe place or before starting your commute.
  • Use phone apps, such as cell control apps, to avoid using your cell phone while driving.
For Passengers
  • If you see a driver eating, texting, or talking on the phone while driving, speak up and tell the driver to focus on the task of driving.
  • Take control of the navigation, radio, or other tasks that may cause the driver to be distracted.
For Parents
  • Have a conversation with your teenage driver about the rules and responsibilities involved in driving.
  • Understand your state’s laws on distracted driving, and talk to your child about the consequences of breaking those laws.
  • Set an example by never using your cell phone, messing with the radio, or eating while behind the wheel.

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Driving While Under the Influence

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never a good idea. It is unlikely that a pizza delivery driver is drug or alcohol tested every time he or she gets behind the wheel of a car, so it is possible he or she may be under the influence. The CDC has estimated that approximately 29 people die each day due to an alcohol-impaired driver in the United States; this means almost one death every 50 minutes.

Further, more than 1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol in the year 2016. For those drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08% or higher in 2016, nearly 27% were 25 years to 34 years old.

Although the effects of alcohol in your system may vary, the CDC has provided information showing the typical effects of drinking and the subsequent effects on driving. For instance:

BAC of .02%

This is approximately 2 alcoholic beverages and results in loss of judgement, relaxation, and an altered mood; the predictable effects on driving include a decline in visual functions and a decline in ability to multitask.

BAC of .08%

This equates to an average of 4 alcoholic drinks. Typical effects on the body includes poor muscle coordination and impaired judgement; drivers may also have impaired perception and reduced information processing capability.

BAC of .15%

With a BAC of .15%, you may have had 7 or more alcoholic drinks. Typical physical effects may include vomiting and major loss of balance; further, there may be substantial impairment in vehicle control and necessary visual processing.

Fortunately, the CDC has also put forth preventative measures for government entities to avoid death or injuries from impaired drivers:

  • Actively enforce the existing .08% BAC laws.
  • Use sobriety checkpoints.
  • Require mandatory substance abuse assessment and treatment for DWI offenders.
  • Raise the price of alcohol through an increase of taxes.

Never drink and drive, and if you believe your pizza delivery driver has been drinking, report the situation to your local law enforcement.

Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

Food delivery drivers may choose to drive in adverse weather conditions so they can deliver the food on time and to collect the most amount of tips. Poor weather conditions in Arizona include rain, fog, snow, wind, or dust storms. These conditions may make the pavement slick and could cause a driver to slide and hit another driver or pedestrian. If you are on the road and experience severe weather conditions, follow the tips below to avoid a car accident:

  • Do not speed.
  • Stay visible and turn on your headlights.
  • Do not follow another vehicle too closely.
  • Pull over if you feel unsafe.

Always drive safely and keep your speed reasonable, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Running Red Lights or Stop Signs

Always follow traffic signals, including stopping at red lights and stop signs. Not only is running a red light against the law, but it is also deadly. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, red light running has led to 846 deaths in 2019 alone; further, an estimated 143,000 people were injured due to red light crashes within the same year.

A pizza delivery driver may feel the need to run a red light if he or she is running late on a delivery. It has also been shown that red light runners tend to be male, younger, and have prior alcohol-impaired driving conditions; whether the perception that the typical pizza delivery driver meets these characteristics is true or not should never keep us from watching out for delivery drivers of all ages who may be in such a hurry that they choose to run the red light at an intersection we are about to enter. No matter how busy you are, never run a red light and always be aware of traffic signs.

The list above is not an all-expansive list of motor vehicle accident causes, so it is important to contact an experienced Arizona injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group if you have been injured. Our team has the ability to explore the details of your case and determine who is at-fault for the subsequent injuries and property damage. Contact our offices today to discuss how your accident occurred.


What injuries may result from a motor vehicle accident?

Pizza delivery accidents in Arizona may result in serious injury, mental anguish, or even death. No matter the extent of your injuries, an Arizona personal injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group may be able to help. We have helped countless individuals get the compensation they deserve for their injuries, and we can help you as well. Examples of injuries that may result from a motor vehicle accident involving food delivery personnel include:

  • Broken, or fractured, bones
  • Cutes, scrapes, and lacerations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Dislocated joints
  • Internal bleeding
  • Sprains

Some injuries may occur from being thrown from the car, hitting your head on the steering wheel, being struck by glass or debris, and much more. Unfortunately, they may cost you a significant amount in medical bills on top of fees from a car mechanic’s shop. An Arizona injury attorney at Zinda Law Group can investigate to determine the at-fault party and then help you collect damages for your injuries.

How to get fair compensation from insurance companies

Insurance companies stay in business by the creation of profits and by focusing on their bottom line, not by offering fair compensation for your claim. If you have been injured by a food delivery driver, you will likely need to negotiate with one or more insurance companies in order to receive reimbursement for your medical bills and property damage, or for compensation for future costs related to the accident.

The insurance companies involved may claim they are not responsible for the payment of compensation from the actions of the pizza company’s employees. They may try and offer a low initial settlement amount in hopes you will not negotiate. At Zinda Law Group, we understand how the game is played, and we have ample experience in dealing with insurance companies.

In order to receive fair compensation from an insurance company, consider calling a personal injury lawyer at Zinda Law Group. We can help you with the important step of proving that the delivery driver is responsible for the accident. Next, we can fight for your legal rights if the insurance company contests any liability; further, we will negotiate on your behalf to get you the amount of compensation that you deserve after your Arizona motor vehicle accident.

Pizza delivery accidents in Arizona can be daunting and can cause serious injuries. You did not ask for nor deserve such stress. That is why we offer free consultations and are here to speak with you regarding your potential lawsuit.

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I had the best experience with the Zinda law Group! Shivangi Was the the most professional and caring attorney anyone could ask for! She did everything in a timely matter and answered all the questions I could ever think of. Her paralegal, Danielle was always there for me throughout the entire process. She worked around my schedule and was very consistent about helping me in any way she could. If I could give this team 6 stars I would!! I highly recommend to anyone looking for the best team!
I had the privilege of working with Zinda Law Group recently and was thoroughly impressed with the level of service and support they provided. When we began, I had reservations about the likelihood of reaching a settlement, but the team's professionalism, intelligence, and dedication quickly put those doubts to rest. They went above and beyond to ensure that I was informed and comfortable throughout the process, and their hard work and strong advocacy ultimately led to a successful outcome. I cannot thank Zinda Law Group and their staff enough for their exceptional service and support, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal assistance. Their commitment to their clients and their willingness to fight for what's right truly sets them apart. In short, I give them a rating of five stars for their outstanding work.
Zinda Law Group is amazing! My husband was in an accident and they made the process super easy and hassle free. They took care of everything, we are so appreciative for them! They exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be telling everyone we know about them. Thank you Zinda Law for everything!
Zinda Law Group is an amazing firm! My case was not without its challenges, but they handled it all in stride. They kept me up to date, kept me informed every step of the way, and ensured I understood the process and all of my options. Burgess, Ryan and their extremely capable staff of Paralegals made a very challenging process as painless as possible. They were kind, compassionate, and patient, and just a real pleasure to work with. I would, and will, recommend them highly to anyone needing an attorney.
My experience with Zinda Law Group was pretty awesome. I definitely would recommend their Law firm. Brendan and his team were very friendly, helpful and informative about my case and were able to win as well. I really appreciate all of their hard work and dedication, I highly recommend.Thank you all again for your help and your time.Sincerely,Pat.b
I was very satisfied with the professionalism of my attorney and the paralegals, they helped me threw this accident and got me a great settlement, all while keeping me involved and informed. Zinda law group made me feel comfortable and I trusted them to fight for me. The trust was well placed! Thank Yous, I appreciate all that Yous done for me and my family!!
I’ve had such a great experience with Zinda law group! They’ve handled everything relatively quickly and professionally. They really have made my life a lot easier. I recommend anyone dealing with auto accidents (or similarly) to Zinda Law group.I felt I was very important to them and that my feelings and thoughts were validated. They treated me with much care and respect, not like “just another client”. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.
I truly recommend Zinda law group they truly helped me and my family during such a hard hard time. Very accommodating they work extremely hard to make sure that you are compensated from start to finish they made it happen and made a rough time a lot smoother than I could of ever imagined thank you all for everything if you are looking for a lawyer that goes above beyond look no further Michael will get you taken care of!
Zinda Law did an excellent job for us from start to finish. They communicated clearly and their staff was great! My son Nic was in a car accident and had an injury to his eye. Zinda Law took care of everything start to finish and obtained the maximum amount possible from insurance for his injury.
I am so glad I called Zinda law group. being hit by a drink driver was the worst experience of my life physically and emotionally. As soon as I reached out they got the ball rolling with all my medical needs. They were in contact with all of my appointments and made my recovery as smooth as possible. I would definitely without a doubt recommend them. A huge shout out to Shivangi for taking over and fighting for what my family and I deserved.
My experience with Zinda Law Group has been OUTSTANDING! Big shoutout to Joe Caputo and his team!I was the passenger in a terrible car accident that left me needing medical attention. The person at faults insurance company reassured me that my medical bills would be taken care of. However, that was not the case. I started receiving multiple calls from debt collectors, and bill after bill by mail. The driver’s insurance company no longer returned my calls, and emails went unanswered. I was so stressed and over my head with how to handle the situation. It was time to call the pros! As soon as I made the call to Zinda Law Group, Joe and his team I were on it! I no longer received calls from debt collectors, so I knew action was taken immediately. I was informed every step of the way, and every call/email was answered. Had I called sooner, I would have never gone through all that stress. I was treated like a friend, not just a client.Thank you Zinda Law Group!
I hired Zinda for a crazy situation involving an 18 wheeler where an object flew off a trailer and blasted through my windshield.I reached out to Zinda and spoke with Michael Cupero, my attorney at Zinda, after the accident once I realized this is affecting my day to day life in a significant way (PTSD from a "Final Destination" type of incident) and Michael was nothing short of fantastic through the entire process.The Zinda team, including Michael and Mary-Catherine Holt and several others, guided me through the entire process from initial settlement offers, filing the lawsuit, depositions, the whole 9.They listened to my concerns, provided clarity and perspective when needed, and not once did I feel that my best interest was not at the forefront of their actions and behavior through my experience as a client.Thank you Michael, Mary-Catherine and Zinda!If you want a team that will treat you with professionalism, respect, and understanding then do yourself a favor and reach out to Zinda!
Extremely professional and communicative . They explained the process as we went along and made it very clear weighting pros and cons. They understood my pain and my worries but kept their expertise always on the top of things finding elements for me to win my case. I am thankful to have had Zinda Law Group to support me during those two years as it finalized and I can keep on living.
My experience with Zinda law group has been wonderful from start to finish. Natasha and Emily explained everything very well and answered any questions I had, communicated well throughout the whole process , and handled the case very professionally, they worked very hard on my case I would definitely highly recommend to friends and family.
I found myself in a situation where I needed legal representation. After looking over reviews in the area, I decided to contact Natasha at Zinda law group in the hopes that she could represent me . Natasha put me at ease with her responsiveness and her ability to accommodate my last minute needs. I had no idea what to expect. It felt like a wave of relief knowing that you're working with a professional that knows what she's doing, and knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently. I appreciate the time and attention that Natasha put into my case. I hope I won't be needing their services again in the future, but I would absolutely contact them again if I do. Thanks again
I am very satisfied with the service and the outcome of my case.Since the first phone call, and every step of the way until the end, Zinda Law was on top of every detail pertaining to my auto accident case.The case is now closed, and looking back, they made every step of the process easy and manageable. They were very thorough in explaining the different scenarios, and extremely transparent with all the possible outcomes.Thank you to every person who aided in the success of my case, all of whom were exceptional in their tasks and working as a team.
The Zinda Law Group was outstanding in helping me with my aunts case. My two Attorneys Neil and Shivangi were very compassionate, kind, eager to help, and really listen carefully and attentively to my case about my aunt. My aunt got hit by a driver while crossing the street and killed. I went after the guys insurance; although, this doesn't bring back my aunt, but allows for this not to happen to other people like this in her case. These attorneys worked very hard and efficiently to bring the justice that they saw fit. When I had a question they explained in terms I understood and not above and beyond me. I appreciate it when people can come down to my level and not intimidate and use trepidation on someone in feeling like they are the fly while they're the spider waiting for the right moment for the fly to walk into its web.Neil and Shivangi always whenever they called asked me how I was at the beginning of our conversations and is there anything I needed at the end of each call. Each call they made to me, was made very professional, personable and felt heart felt as if you were part of the family. At the end of each subject matter they always asked, "Do you have any questions for me before we go to the next thing we need to talk about?" They always wanted to make sure I understood everything before the next item we needed to talk about. These guys really are good and want to please the client anyway they can I thought; when I first started talking to them. I give them above and beyond a 5-Star rating if there was such a thing. I Highly Recommend The Zinda Law Group to Anyone who needs them. This is what I give them if I could!!💯💯💯💯💯 and👍👍👍👍👍 and⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❗❗❗THANK YOU TO NEIL, SHIVANGI, MARA AND TO EVERYONE AT THE ZINDA LAW GROUP WHO WORKED ON MY CASE!! I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!
I would like to recognize a fantastic attorney named Joe Caputo from Zinda Law Group. I was involved in an auto accident that had many complicated moving parts that were hard to navigate and understand as a victim. Joe was so gracious and spent quality time explaining what courses of action I needed to take as a victim to protect myself. Joe was also diligent in following up with me regarding my case and provided guides and checklists that were extremely helpful to keep things organized and moving. Joe was always readily available for my questions and responded promptly. Joe Caputo's excellent counsel ensured I protected myself when dealing with the opposing insurance company and ensured the best possible outcome for my case. Joe's expertise in personal injury lawsuits helped alleviate the stress and anxiety that follows the aftermath of an auto accident. Thanks again Joe! You are truly an amazing, kind person and attorney!
Zinda Law was incredibly amazing. I had the pleasure of working with Michael and his incredibly hard working team after my wreck in November. They went above and beyond keeping up with my health, bills, insurance companies, all that fun stuff I had no time for. After what felt like such a short amount of time, they were able to win every last penny from the "bad guys" insurance (loved that term). I couldn't happier, and even though I went through something traumatic, it was still the best experience I could have ever asked for. Thank you Michael and everyone that helped with my case, yall are the best!!
My attorney was Christina , she and her team gave me the best outcome for my case .I am giving an honesty review at first I was very upset because I kept getting moved around and I never knew who I was talking to because they switch attorneys and kept changing my paralegals.. I was going to go with another law firm but Christina helped me with my case from then on out and she worked around my schedule to talk to me which I appreciate. Also my last law firm took 30 percent, and this one took 33 percent which I wasn’t to happy so just a heads up. Overall I rate this 4 stars cause I’m just happy the case is over with and I get to go back to my life.Update: I just received another call from my attorney and they have worked to negotiate my case with the billing and have put more money in my pocket. All the money that I had spent while working on the case has came back to me. I can fully move on and say that I have gain every penny that was lose during those hard times. I’m so happy and thankful to Zinda law group!!!!!!
Zinda Law Group did an excellent job with my case. The staff was super friendly and super effective as far as communicating with me throughout the entire case. I highly recommend Zinda Law Group for your next case and for any of your future cases. 5 Stars across the board thank you so much for everything!
Joh Harper, Priyonka Bhikha, and the rest of the team gave my case a quick and satisfactory conclusion. The attorney, Mr. Harper did an absolutely amazing job keeping me on the same page as far as the case goes. Honestly, if anybody is hurt in a car wreck or another personal injury case, I WILL STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU SPEAK TO THEM.
I was in a motor vehicle collision about two years ago. From the minute I picked up the phone to speak with a representative to the case finally settling, it was a great experience. I worked with Burgess Williams and his team (Kathy, Ryan, and Linda) throughout the process. They were all very professional and helpful when I needed them the most.
Great Firm. I was in motorcycle accident- T-boned at a full stop with my daughter riding on back. Zinda's team was instantly responsive. Christina was very compassionate, organized and scheduled time before every legal event to discuss goals and overview. The process was 2 years but during that time the lawyers and staff (John and Shane were also great) were always available and understanding. The team is focused on doing what is right and by the book. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is suffering from a motorcycle accident.
Jason Aldridge and his paralegal Mara did an absolutely amazing job on my case. They were very responsive to all emails, calls and even texts. They treated me with dignity and respect from start to finish. I never once felt like my case was at the back of the list or anything. Not only did they explain and walked me through everything, they got me the help I needed and a final outcome over what I had expected. I would highly recommend this law firm, Jason and Mara to anyone seeking legal assistance.
Highly Recommended-100% Satisfied!.From the initial phone call I felt confident I chose the right firm. They explained the process and I was always in the loop, even when we were at a stand still. Very grateful I was quickly referred to them by a friend who had a similar case. Both of us are happy with the end result. Thank you!
My team of lawyer were very professional and communicated extremely clearly. They kept me updated on their status and did not make me worry at all about my situation. They explained everything to me very well and put things into simple terms for my understanding. I am very satisfied with their performance.
I would recommend them to anyone that's been involved in an accident and feels skeptical in engaging an attorney.When one gets into an accident, you're traumatized, confused, angry and helpless.That was me last year, getting all kinds of advice becomes your next norm, to use or not to use an attorney.I was in so much pain from my injuries but at the same time knew I had to act fast.I called Zinda Law Group for consultation, they took my case seriously and treated me with respect, they were very professional and understanding.Elizabeth, kudos to you, you're true to your word, Integrity should be your last name.Jason Aldridge my attorney went to work immediately, he assured me that all be well and I should concentrate on my healing and he will do the rest. Thank your Sir, You did just that.His team, Mara, Zuleyma and Andrew, they all become my support system, so professional and lots of respect in each and everyphone call or email. Thank you guys.I would recommend anyone to use Zinda Law Group.
I honestly loved not dealing with the hospital bills while I was recuperating. It gave me peace of mind going through this process and Zinda took care of everything. They found awesome health providers for me and haven't had to worry about anything while they've been taking my case. I've been well informed, communicated with, responded to and understood by Zinda. They have been efficient and effective while working on my case and I'm so glad I choose to go with this law firm.
When I was injured in a car accident in March of 2020 the insurance companies were not concerned with my well being. I called Zinda Law group & spoke with Reagan, who went over my concerns & later had Jono contact me. After reviewing my information with Jono my case was immediately put in motion. I worked mainly with Sam Thomas who truly was a blessing to me, he was very supportive & genuinely concerned with my well being, everything wasn't simply about the case it was about me being healed & getting the proper treatment that I needed. Sam was also emotionally supportive when I went through several losses in my family & is a great friend. In all everyone was extremely supportive & all worked for me which was quite a different legal experience for me from Law groups in my past. I was well supported, always informed, treated with respect & made the priority in all decisions. Zinda Law Group made sure I was compensated completely & that I didn't have financial stresses over hospital bills after all was said & done. Sam, Katrina, Mary Catherine, Reagan & Jono I just want to thank you & all of Zinda for the incredible experience & the wonderful caring people that you all are, you are truly Golden in your field.
I am so glad I got in touch with Zinda! My car accident occurred just 4 days prior to moving, during the busiest week of the year at my job, and just a week before the quarantine was declared a new reality for all of us. Everyone at Zinda remained persistent, supportive, and most of all advocated for me throughout such a chaotic time. I’ll always be grateful for the care they took to make sure my health and well-being were taken care of. So super grateful to know that a split second mistake someone else made doesn’t have to dictate my life. Thanks!
My experience with Zinda Law Group was better than expected. After an accident that totalled my car, I reached out and was paired with a wonderful attorney. She communicated frequently and responded to my calls and texts in a timely manner. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. I was kept in the loop during every step of the process. I would call Zinda Law if I ever need this type of support again.
I had an excellent experience working with the attorneys at Zinda Law Group! They were knowledgeable, professional and patient. They walked me through every step of the long process of getting treatment after my car wreck and kept me updated with timeframes and next steps. I would absolutely recommend anyone working with them!
I was referred here by a family member. Our lawyer jason and his team did and amazing job. They kept me updated in everything made sure I understood what was going on. My son was hit by a van in the hospital jason came right over. He's awesome so much down to earth straight forward. I would recommend him and his firm to everyone and I have thank you zinda but most of all thank you Jason for being there for us for being a friend
Zinda Law Group was recommended to me from another satisfied client and I certainly received excellent service. The attorneys and staff are very proactive with communication and I knew every step of the way what was happening on my case. I never felt pressured with decision making and they went above & beyond to answer questions with satifactory explanations. This is a very professional group of attorneys & support staff. In addition, they were willing to meet me at a location more convenient for me. I appreciated their concern for my time.
Could not speak highly enough of the firm. I was involved in my first accident and thankfully had Zinda Law Group supporting me through the scary time. Jono took care of me every step of the way. He made me feel like I was a priority through the entire process. A big thank you to Jono and the rest of the Zinda crew!

Statute of limitations for personal injury cases in arizona

The statute of limitations is the legal time limit that you have to file a claim; it will vary from case to case and from state to state, so it is important to understand the time limit you must follow for your unique case. In Arizona, you have two years to file a personal injury case, such as for a pizza delivery accident. It is important to note that the time limit begins on the day of the accident; for instance, if you were injured on May 1, 2021, due to a negligent delivery driver, you have until May 1, 2023 to file your claim.

The statute of limitations is extraordinarily important, as you may be barred from receiving any kind of compensation if you do not file your case on time. Zinda Law Group Arizona pizza delivery accident lawyers know which limitations will apply to your case, and can help put your mind at ease by investigating your case and helping you file your claim on time.

If you have been injured due to a pizza delivery driver, contact zinda law group Arizona pizza delivery accident lawyers today to discuss your potental case

Victims of pizza delivery accidents in Arizona may suffer from serious injuries, such as fractured bones or spine injuries, resulting in extensive hospital bills, pharmaceutical costs, and therapy fees. If this is the case for you or someone in your family, you need an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer to help fight for your legal rights and get you the compensation you need for injuries. Insurance companies will not offer you enough money to cover your medical expenses and mental anguish; that is why it is crucial to hire the right lawyer who is committed to fighting for you and negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf.

If you have suffered an injury due to a pizza delivery driver, contact an Arizona injury attorney at Zinda Law Group as soon as possible. Our experienced team is here to answer any questions you may have regarding your potential case. Contact our team as soon as possible at (800) 863-5312.

At Zinda Law Group, your initial consultation is always 100% free and you do not pay us anything unless we are successful in winning your unique pizza delivery case. That is our No Win, No Fee Guarantee.

Meetings with attorneys are available by appointment only.

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