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Eighteen wheeler drivers have to follow a lot of different rules and regulations that an average driver on the road doesn’t have to follow. Many times when those drivers are involved in accidents, it’s at least part of the reason is because they didn’t follow some of those rules and regulations. Some of the examples would be hours driving and hours or rest regulations, inspection requirements, other log requirements, which usually involves hours, but also includes other things. Those are often at least a part of the cause of an accident.

Other places we can sometimes look for cause of an accident are failure to properly train the driver, failure to supervise the driver, things of that nature. These large vehicles pose a pretty significant danger when they’re not handled correctly, and if you’re involved in an accident with one, it’s important that you meet with an attorney who has experience in handling 18 wheeler accidents so that we can perform a thorough investigation on the driver and on the company and identify what the true cause of this situation was, and advise you appropriately.

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