Child Injury and Friendly Suits Lawyers

If you bring a case in Arlington, Texas on behalf of a child that has been injured, typically the opposing party is going to require a procedure called a "friendly suit" to prove up the settlement. The reason that that's done is, because a child is a minor, they don't have capacity to enter into contracts. The child signing a release is not binding on that child and when they turn 18, they can still file their case. The process that is used in most cases where the settlement is large enough is to file what we call a friendly suit with the court. That basically means that both parties are in agreement that the case is settled, and that we're asking the court to approve the settlement.

In that process, the court is going to appoint another attorney typically, as a guardian ad litem, and that person's job is to review the case and make sure that the settlement is in the best interest of the child. That person will meet with the child, will meet with the parents, and will look over the file, and assuming that the settlement is within the best interest of the child, they will recommend to the court to approve the settlement.


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