Construction Accident Lawyers in Arlington

Construction zones rank high on the list of the most dangerous places to work.  They host numerous hazards that may pose serious risks for workers and visitors alike and are the sites of an alarmingly high number of accidents and injuries.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction-site accidents form approximately one in every five accidents that occur on the job.  Furthermore, for every ten work accidents that result in death, at least one out of every ten fatal work accidents took place in the construction industry. Tragic occurrences such as these merit legal representation by a skilled and compassionate attorney.

Hazardous Conditions to Avoid

While the inherent risks and dangers of construction work cannot be avoided entirely, there are many precautions that can and should be taken by construction site officials.  It is an act of negligence to not take the appropriate measures to create a safe work place and allow employees to work in the resulting conditions. Some common causes of workplace accidents involve scaffolding accidents, roofing accidents, falling objects, or debris.

If you or a loved one was involved in a construction accident that involved a fire, explosion, electric shock, faulty machinery, or exposure to toxic chemical, you have the right to take legal action and you are legally entitled to seek compensation for your pain and suffering. With the help of a Zinda Law Group, experienced construction accident attorney, you can maximize your ability to get a just settlement.

 Holding the Construction Site Liable

In order to be safe, construction sites depend on careful and thoughtful operation. Sometimes the people in charge of safety measures act negligently, or even recklessly. If an accident is caused by another party’s negligence-- including poor decision-making and absentmindedness-- you may be able to hold that party liable for the incident.

It is the law that construction sites are designed and inspected properly in Arlington, as well as the rest of Texas. Furthermore, construction materials must be properly stored and marked to create safe working conditions. When these measures are not taken, hazardous working conditions that could otherwise be avoided are created. These conditions pose serious dangers to workers. The possibility of accidents is further increased when an employee or visitor of the site is not made aware of the compromised conditions in which they are going to enter or work in.

If you feel that you or a loved one has been injured in such a manner, it is important to seek legal assistance. Any behavior that could be viewed as negligent and dangerous deserves the attention of a legal professional. With the assistance of a construction accident attorney from Zinda Law Group in Arlington you can work to hold the responsible party liable for their actions and pursue the compensation that is rightfully yours.