Drug Injury Lawyers in Arlington

When a patient takes a medication prescribed by their doctor, they do so under the belief that the medication will help or cure their disorder. A person would never willingly accept a medication that they knew would hurt them. Yet, many people in Arlington, Texas are being injured in this very manner.

Dangerous medications can cause more harm than the original disorder. Some, sadly, can lead to irreversible conditions or death. It is horrifying to believe that this can happen, especially with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitoring these drugs, but it still happens.

Patients taking new diabetes medications are finding themselves facing thyroid and pancreatic cancers. Others taking blood thinning medications discover that there is no antidote and the medication can never be stopped, leading to internal bleeding and other issues. Family planning medications are causing infertility and hair growth medications are causing permanent impotence.

Sadly, dangerous drugs and the injuries they have caused can continue for a very long time. This is why if you believe that you have been injured by any prescription medication, even if it is not referenced here, you should seek legal advice.

Arlington residents that have been injured in this manner should look for a personal injury law firm that has dedicated a portion of their practice to helping those injured by bad drugs. One of the attorneys can review your case and your medical records and determine if you have the right to seek compensation under Texas law.

As a victim of these dangerous medications, you have the right to seek compensation for your financial losses, health losses, and the cost of your medical care.

Because these medications hurt a lot of people all within the same short period of time, many class-action lawsuits are formed against the manufacturer of the drug. It is best to speak to your attorney to determine if joining a class-action is in your best interest or if you should sue the manufacturer as an individual.

Your attorney will be able to answer these, as well as any other questions you may have during your initial consultation. Consultations are free, and a majority of personal injury attorney’s work on a contingency basis, meaning that you never have to pay for any of your legal services until your case has settled. This ensures that everyone that has been injured can receive full and complete legal representation, regardless of their current financial situation.