Product Injury Lawyers in Arlington

All products, whether they are health products, mechanical products or toy products are supposed to be manufactured in a way that is safe for the average consumer. Products that people have to ingest or use on the skin must not deteriorate a person’s health. If the product contains ingredients that are detrimental to a consumer’s health, the manufacturer must notify the public of the dangers. Manufacturers must also choose ingredients that are least likely to cause injury or death. A person who develops a serious illness or is otherwise harmed by a faulty product may be eligible for payment for a product injury in Arlington.

Examples of Product Injuries

Product injuries can happen in various situations. One example of a product injury is a birth control pill that contains an element that can cause a person to develop deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. If the birth control pill manufacturer did not try to substitute the offensive element with something safer or notify the public of the risks, that company may owe damages to a customer that develops one of the illnesses.

Another example of a possible product injury in Arlington is a faulty automobile. If the driver of an automobile gets into a horrible accident because the brake line was not manufactured properly, and the auto manufacturer did not recall the car, the victim may be eligible for compensation. Other examples of automobiles that might be eligible for this compensation are wobbling vehicles and cars that have frequent blowouts because of poor tires.

Product injuries can occur with toys as well. For example, a very small toy is not suitable for a young child in most cases, because children tend to put things in their mouths. If the manufacturer does not label such a toy as dangerous for young ages, and a child gets hold of it and chokes, the manufacturer may have to provide restitution for the entire family.

How to Know if a Case is Valid

The best way for a person to tell if a product injury case is valid is to schedule an appointment with a reliable attorney. A reliable attorney will have a history of getting clients the settlements they deserve. This type of law firm will have a strong reputation of fighting for client rights and accommodating injured parties as much as possible. Additionally, such a firm would have strong element of compassion for anyone who seeks assistance at the firm.

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Zinda Law Group provides no recovery no fee representation to people who have fallen victim to faulty products. Lawyers in this firm will work hard to recover funds for a new client. That person will not be responsible for paying any retainer fees until the money from the settlement is in his or her hands. To schedule an appointment for a case evaluation, an interested person can use a telephone or an online form. The toll free number for one of the most successful firms in Dallas is 1-800-863-5312.