Aurora Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents involving 18 wheelers in Aurora have the potential to be catastrophic. Due to the size and weight of trucks and trailers, which can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds, 18 wheeler accidents will often result in severe injuries or death. Compared to regular car accidents, the damages and injuries that you could suffer in a truck accident are likely to be much more severe.

The State of Colorado is very large and has a complex system of roadways and roadway conditions due to the severe weather that can be experienced in the colder months.

While truck drivers are trained to drive on all different types of roadways, in many different weather scenarios, they spend many hours on the roadway and, as a result, can become fatigued. Moreover, a driver has other distractions that take away from their ability to keep their focus on the roadway. This is the cause for many different accidents every day across America, but, when an 18-wheeler is involved, it escalates the accident to a new level.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, please call the Aurora truck accident lawyers at Zinda Law Group today to be sure to avoid doing anything that might harm your case.

The truck accident attorneys at Zinda Law Group will perform a thorough investigation and will find the underlying causes of the truck accident, such as:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Poorly maintained tractors or trailers
  • Driver on their cell phone, or texting
  • Distracted driver
  • Driver on drugs or alcohol
  • Inexperienced driver

Call an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

At Zinda Law Group, we will go the extra mile to help our clients get the settlement that they deserve in order to account for their pain, suffering, medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. Our team has the experience to tackle even the most complex truck accident case. Call our truck accident attorneys in Aurora today to schedule your free legal consultation. We will explain your legal rights and help you make an informed decision about your next steps. Call today.