7 Steps to Car Accident Claim Success

As Austin has grown, the number of car accidents has unfortunately grown with it. While the majority of car accidents in Austin do not involve injuries, there are several things to keep in mind if you find yourself hurt after a wreck. 

There are many important parts to pursuing a car accident claim, some of which are included below:

  1. Make Sure Everyone Is Okay
    After an injury-producing wreck, the most important part is doing everything you can to make sure all parties are able to walk away safely. Secondly, if you are hurt, make sure you seek medical treatment immediately. By waiting to seek medical treatment, you risk your ability to recover. Further, you provide the insurance company with an argument that your injuries were not caused by the wreck or that they are not that serious.
  2. Take Photographs
    Oftentimes, after a wreck, you’re not usually thinking to get out of your vehicle and take photographs. Even if you don’t take photographs at the scene, see if you can obtain photographs of the property damage to the vehicles after the fact. They could be very important in pursuing your claim. Moreover, there is a reason everyone has heard the adage “a picture is worth one-thousand words.” That applies to injury photographs as well—if you are able to take photographs of obvious injuries, continue to do so regularly. Also, do not forget to save or back up your photographs.
  3. Don't Be a Hero
    Many people involved in a wreck sustain injuries. All too often, those injured people try to fight through the pain that almost never goes away on its own. If you are hurt, go to the doctor, and do so early so that you can get the medical treatment you need to get back to the way you were prior to the wreck.
  4. Wait to Settle
    If you sustain an injury in a motor vehicle crash, you only have one opportunity to resolve that claim with the responsible party. If you resolve your bodily injury claim, the insurance company is going to make you sign a release, which prohibits you from coming back at any point in the future and asking for more money for the same claim. Insurance companies know this, and they may attempt to reach out to injured parties quickly in order to resolve the claim before the claimant has an opportunity to understand their legal rights.
  5. Avoid Giving Statements 
    After almost every wreck, the opposing party’s insurance company will contact you for a recorded statement over the phone. You are not legally obligated to give this to them, and oftentimes allowing a statement to be taken is not in your best interest. These statements can be used against you later, so it is wise to consult with an attorney beforehand to determine if a recorded statement is in your best interest.
  6. Follow Doctor's Orders
    Whenever clients ask our attorney what they can do to help us pursue their claim, I tell them to do whatever they can to get better. Most of the time, that is going to be doing exactly what your doctor tells you with regard to follow-ups, appointments, and limitations.
  7. Get an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney's Opinion
    By contacting an attorney, you can better analyze whether you need legal assistance in pursuing your claim. A lawyer will help you understand what your legal rights are after the crash, as well as provide an opportunity for you to get your questions answered.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of what needs to happen after you or a loved one gets involved in a crash, following the items on this list will provide you with a head start on some of the important parts of successfully pursuing your claim. By contacting an attorney, they can take the facts and circumstances of your case and apply them to the applicable law in order to make sure that you have the requisite knowledge needed to move forward.