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Brachial palsy, or brachial plexus, is a type of injury that newborns can sustain and it involves the nerves of the spinal cord. The cause of this particular type of birth injury is shoulder trauma and inflammation. While this can occur at times when nothing could have prevented it, other times, it is caused by the malpractice of a doctor during delivery. A newborn child is already extremely sensitive to injury, which means that one wrong move of the shoulder could result in this. When the nerve roots are moved, they can tear away from the spinal column where they are supposed to be. Consequently, the scar tissue that surrounds the site of the injury can put unwanted pressure on the already injured nerve which can cause complications with the muscles.

One way this can happen is during an already difficult childbirth. The head is delivered first, except in the case of a breech, and sometimes the shoulders cannot pass through after it. This may require manipulation, and the doctor has to decide what to do. In a sense, a doctor may have to choose dislocating the shoulder of a child if it means saving its life. A child that is stuck in one position during birth for too long may result in death because of a compressed umbilical cord. This particular kind of scenario takes place in approximately one percent of all vaginal (rather than cesarean) births. Your doctor may be at fault if they pulled unnecessarily on your infant’s shoulders during delivery.

Evaluating the Symptoms and Getting Treatment

In most cases, minor treatment will allow the condition to heal within a few weeks. If your child’s condition does not improve within a few weeks, then you should take them to the doctor for further examination. They may need to see a specialist and surgery may even be necessary for children who are three to six months old and still suffering the side effects of brachial palsy. Children that do not improve may have an avulsion, which is a separation between the nerve and the spinal cord. Depending on the exact extent of the baby’s injury, there may need to be a nerve graft. A shoulder, nerve or muscle injury at birth may have caused what seems to be paralysis. In reality, this could just be a minor fracture that will heal over time.

Your child may be suffering from permanent muscle damage which could potentially cause contractions and spasms throughout the duration of their lifetime, although it may be improved by physical therapy. If nerves were severely injured at birth, then there may be a permanent loss of feeling or function of the shoulder or arm. Some infants retain partial feeling and motor function of their arm with only minor weakness. If you notice that your child seems to have no function or only minor function in one or both of their arms, then call your doctor as soon as possible for an assessment.

When to Call Zinda Law Group

If you have gone back to a doctor and it has been determined that your child is suffering from either temporary or permanent brachial palsy, then it may be time to contact our firm. Zinda Law Group is passionate about defending the rights of infants and their mothers who may have been injured during the birthing process due to the negligence of a medical professional. We can hold your doctor accountable if they are liable. You may not even be sure if you have a case, but we encourage you to contact our firm for an evaluation from a Personal Injury Attorney. Should you become our client, we will fight to see that you get what you deserve!