Can one Claim after Receiving a Settlement from Insurance?

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Austin residents must carry a certain amount of automobile insurance to protect themselves from injuries caused to other drivers. Any time a person causes an automobile accident, that person’s insurance policy is supposed to cover the damages to the injured party and the damages to the vehicle. In some situations, an injured party might not receive the amount of compensation that he or she deserves. Such a situation may give that person a right to consult a personal injury attorney about a claim. Even if the injured person has special insurance and collects from his or her own company, that person may still be eligible to receive more funds.

The first step a person should take after surviving an accident is collecting the other driver’s credentials. The individual will need to know which insurance company to contact to try to collect a payment. If that person does not have insurance, the injured party may have to draw from his or her own “uninsured motorist” benefit. After finding out who to go to with the claim, the injured person must seek medical treatment from a hospital or practitioner. The doctor will give the person a diagnosis and advise him or her as to the proper treatment. The individual should keep all records of treatments, doctors’ visits and diagnoses to show to the personal injury attorney.

Whether or not an injured person collects money from his or her own insurance company, that person should still arrange a consultation with a personal injury attorney. The individual may be entitled to monies that he or she did not know was available. For example, a person who causes an accident and does not have insurance might be liable for personal injury due to neglect.

In some cases, person’s medical bills may be so high that he or she cannot afford to pay all of them with the money from the insurance company. In such cases, the victim could sue the driver for the extra money to pay down on the bills. That person might also be responsible for paying extra damages in an extreme case of neglect. Judges award punitive damages to victims who were hurt due to a driver’s blatant disregard of the law. This funding could cover extra expenses that result from pain and suffering.

How to Find Out if You are Eligible

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, but you are not quite sure if you can claim again, take a moment to contact Zinda Law Group. Zinda Law Group have been in business for over 20 years, representing people who survived vehicle accidents. You can arrange a meeting by calling the toll free number 1-800-863-5312 or completing a brief case evaluation form. Someone will get back to you to discuss the no recovery no fee option. You might be able to sue the other driver and not pay a penny until you get your money.