I Was in an Accident with a Delivery Driver from Favor. Do I Need a Lawyer?

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Have you been injured in an accident with a Favor delivery driver? Favor is a delivery service operating in more than fifty major Texas cities. Favor claims to be able to deliver nearly any product, including food delivery products, within an hour. As such, Favor delivery drivers, known as “runners,” are usually in a hurry.

While quick delivery may be a convenient service, it may come at the cost of a roadway accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a Favor delivery driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Zinda Law Group today at (800)-863-5312 for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

What is Favor

Favor is a delivery service headquartered in Austin, Texas, and owned by the H-E-B supermarket company. Favor operates almost exclusively in Texas, where they were founded in 2013 as a startup, and now have an executive team of highly experienced industry veterans who previously piloted large companies.

Additionally, Favor claims to have a fleet of over 40,000 delivery drivers, known as “runners,” who are able to go through very quick hiring and onboarding process, usually taking less than one week.

Nearly any licensed Texas driver can become a Favor runner, needing to meet just a few low threshold requirements. A potential Favor runner needs only have a smartphone, be 18 or older, and have a “clean” driving record and adequate vehicle insurance.

Favor claims to be able to deliver almost any item within an hour to most Texas locations for a relatively low delivery fee. Deliveries can range from food pick-up to dropping off merchandise. As the idea has generally been popular in Texas, Favor has recently secured over $20 million in investor funding to expand their business in Texas and boasts they have recently exceeded five million deliveries in Texas.

Favor typically attempts to categorize their delivery drivers as “independent contractors,” meaning they are not full-time employees, to attempt to circumvent paying certain taxes and insurance policies. Nonetheless, Favor has private company insurance in order to cover accidents that Favor employees may have caused or been involved in while delivering on behalf of Favor.

Therefore, if you have been injured by a Favor delivery driver, an attorney has the option to seek compensation from Favor, their driver, or their insurance companies.

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Common Favor Accidents

Favor delivery drivers use their own personal vehicles for Favor deliveries. Favor classifies personal vehicles as cars, trucks, bicycles, and scooters. As most of the over 40,000 Favor runners use cars and trucks in order to expedite deliveries, they can do a lot of damage if they are not careful on the roadways.

Some of the most common Favor deliveries are:

Car and Truck Accidents

Car accidents with Favor delivery runners are commonly caused by Favor delivery runners not being careful while driving. This makes sense, as they are operating on a short time frame. Delivery runners can maximize their tips and income by making the most deliveries in the shortest period of time.

As Favor wants to make as many deliveries as possible all over Texas, and Favor delivery drivers seek the highest income from making as many deliveries as possible per hour, many Favor delivery drivers may be giving less than full attention to roadway safety.

Unsafe and rushed driving habits are signs of driver negligence, which generally means driving unreasonably, and would tend to legally signal that the Favor driver is at fault for your injuries. The Favor delivery driver, and possibly Favor itself, may be liable for any injuries caused by the Favor delivery driver.

By the Favor driver speeding, not paying full attention, or disobeying any traffic laws – such as running a stop sign or performing an improper lane change – they are acting unreasonably and may be liable to you in damages.

If a Favor delivery driver caused a car accident and injured you, you may be entitled to significant compensation from the Favor driver and potentially against Favor for encouraging unsafe driving by time pressuring their drivers.

Roadway Congestion

As some Favor delivery personnel operate on bicycles and scooters, they may cause an accident by running into a pedestrian or causing a car or truck to swerve, getting into an accident. Thus, if a Favor delivery “runner” has caused you to be injured, both the Favor deliverer and Favor company may be liable for your injuries.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Typically, if an injured person tries to attain an insurance settlement without the help of an attorney, the insurance company may try to find legal exceptions to paying or may try to pay out significantly less than they are able. In many cases, the insurance company will wrongly claim your fault for the accident through statements gained without attorney advisement. It is advisable to not make any direct statements to the insurance company, but instead, refer them to your experienced accident attorney for any correspondence.

Thus, it is very important to have an experienced attorney fighting on your behalf with the other parties, in court, and with all applicable insurance companies. An attorney can communicate on your behalf so that insurance companies know you are serious about your compensation, and your attorney, in many cases, may seek greater compensation than the insurance company’s initial offer.

Damages A Lawyer May Seek

An experienced attorney knows what evidence to use in order to seek various damages that may increase your potential compensation. These include tangible losses such as property damage, medical bills associated with the treatment of your injuries, future lost wages, disability, as well as “intangible” damages such as pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering can include the actual pain experienced during medical treatments and surgeries incurred as a result of the Favor accident, as well as emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, and fear caused by the accident. Some accident victims find it more difficult to drive at ease after a roadway incident, and this difficulty and anxiety may be quantified into monetary damages by your attorney.

An attorney with experience handling similar cases can know which parties to sue, including not just the Favor driver, but also the Favor corporate company, expanding your potential sources of compensation. Further, an attorney can conduct an in-depth investigation to acquire evidence that can help prove the suspected fault of Favor and the Favor driver, as well as to help prove your damages to the court and insurance companies.

What to Do After a Favor Accident

1. Document the scene of the accident

Take note of any details in order to preserve crucial evidence useful in proving Favor’s fault and demonstrating the full extent of your injuries. If you require any medical attention at a hospital as a result of the accident, the associated costs for these treatments can be sought from the at fault party by your lawyer. This is highly important, as medical costs can be astronomical, and sometimes future medical costs and treatments may be necessary for your recovery.

2. Contact An Attorney

An attorney who has handled similar cases can help you learn your rights, legal deadlines, and can communicate on your behalf with all applicable parties and the court.  Further, your attorney can conduct in-depth investigations to secure all possible evidence necessary in seeking your highest compensation from the other parties.

Filing a Claim

Your attorney can take care of all the steps in filing your claim. This includes educating you of your legal rights, conducting in-depth investigations and discovery of evidence about the accident, which are crucial in order to acquire evidence of the other parties’ suspected fault and the extent of your damages and injuries.

Your attorney can also help ensure compliance with any applicable legal time limits and can negotiate with all applicable insurance companies, as well as communicate and advocate on your behalf with the other parties and the court.

It is highly important after an accident to focus on rest, recovery and regaining your life back. Thus, your attorney, by doing all of the legal work on your behalf, can allow you to focus on your recovery while they seek your maximum compensation.

Some cases may result in settlements with insurance companies and the other parties, whom, seeing the evidence your attorney captures, may want to avoid a loss at trial or extended legal costs.

In other cases, your attorney may be able to seek your greatest compensation by taking your case to trial and showing your damages to a jury. Whether they go to trial or not, attorneys work in your best interests to seek maximum compensation.


For personal injury cases in Texas, a victim may seek various damages from the at-fault party. These include tangible losses such as:

  • Medical bills, costs, and treatments

  •  Lost wages

  • Property damages

An experienced attorney may also seek intangible losses for you, which are called pain and suffering damages. These include any physical pain incurred during medical treatments and surgeries, as well as emotional and psychological damages such as anxiety, fear, and depression caused by the accident.

Your attorney may not only seek losses you have incurred leading up to the time of the claim but can also seek future damages such as necessary future medical costs and enduring emotional trauma.

Thus, an experienced accident lawyer can seek your greatest compensation.

Legal Time Limits

Texas has a statute of limitations, a legal time limit, for bringing accident injury cases. If you or a loved one have been personally injured by a Favor delivery driver, you will generally have two years from the time of the accident to bring an injury claim against Favor and their driver. Your attorney can advise you about the time limit and work on filing your claim within the legal time limit.

The relatively short legal time limit in Texas makes it imperative to seek an experienced attorney as quickly as possible after the accident.


While many people in Texas seek the convenience of quick merchandise delivery from Favor, this should not excuse Favor delivery drivers from driving safely and cautiously.

Therefore, if you have been injured by a Favor delivery driver, you may be entitled to seek compensation. Zinda Law Group can help advise you of your rights and can fight to seek your maximum compensation.

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