What If My Car Accident Was Caused by a Passenger?

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The law provides recourse for passengers who are injured in an auto accident, but it also stipulates that passengers can share in the blame and bear responsibility as well. There are many times when insurance companies, the defendant or other interested parties will claim that the passenger contributed to or caused the accident. The law allows claims to be made against the passenger if they are found to bear partial or full responsibility for the collision taking place.

The insurance policy of the driver usually provides basic liability coverage for passengers in the vehicle, but coverage amounts may not be sufficient to offset significant medical or compensatory damages. Passengers may be able to file a claim with their own insurance in order to obtain protection as well. However, insurance companies are not always willing to pay for an accident that is believed to be caused or partially caused by the actions of a passenger.

There are a number of tactics that insurance companies are known for using in order to reduce or avoid their responsibility to pay for claims in an accident, and this is especially true for claims that involve the actions of passengers. The result can be a complicated, time consuming, drawn out and expensive legal nightmare that can catch unsuspecting and unwitting individuals off guard.

Passengers who are found to have contributed to an accident may be held responsible for compensating other involved parties, and this is a serious situation if insurance companies are not going to pay for claims. Common financial obligations include the repair or replacement to the vehicles, medical bills, lost wages and a host of other compensatory expenses.

Consulting an experienced and tenacious attorney is the single and most important thing that anyone involved in a collision should do as soon as feasibly possible. This is true whether the party is seeking to file a claim against another or if the party is being accused of causing or contributing to the accident.

There are many situations in which claims that are related to accidents can be resolved quickly and easily. Insurance companies pay claims, parties are satisfied and life moves on. However, there are also times when accidents are messy, complicated and drawn-out legal battles that are not always grounded in fairness and justice.

The single and best asset that any party has is their attorney. It is essential for you to obtain the assistance of a car accident lawyer who has experience and tenacity. The challenges, uncertainty, risk and complexities of the legal process following an accident should never be managed without advocacy that is focused on the best interests of the client.

Passengers have rights as well as potential responsibilities when involved in an accident. No one should take it upon themselves to sort out the potential complexities on their own, and contacting an Austin Personal Injury attorney is the best way to defend rights and pursue justice.