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It is rare to see a child riding a bicycle today without a helmet. Parents take a lot of steps to protect their children from common dangers. It seems that every day we hear of a new risk to our young ones. Steps that are legally required for parents and adults to take include keeping children in age-appropriate car seats when in a vehicle. In spite of this, It is a tragic fact that auto accidents cause more deaths and accidents in children every year than any other cause.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, it was reported in 2009 that 1,314 children under the age of 14 died in automobile crashes. Another 179,000 were injured. Surprisingly, it is also reported that over 600,000 children up to the age of 12 were allowed to ride in cars without an appropriate car seat or seat belt use.

Categories of Crashes and Injuries

Examining the causes of deaths and injuries to children in vehicle accidents discloses some interesting facts. For example, serious injuries and death are over 10 times as likely in a crash that involves a rollover accident. In all cases, children are most likely to experience injuries to the head. This is of concern due to the issue of ongoing effects of such injuries in children still developing. Long-term effects can cause extensive medical problems and expenses.

According to statistics compiled by the Department of Transportation, children are less exposed to injury when riding in the second seat and properly restrained. The exception to these statistics is when the vehicle is struck from the rear. In any accident, a lack of restraints means that a child is seven times more likely to be seriously injured or killed.

Legal Issues with Injuries to Children in Car Accidents

Law firms such as Zinda Law Group have experienced attorneys that know how to deal with the issues surrounding vehicular accidents. When these accidents involve children, it is especially important that all steps be taken to determine issues of negligence and liability.

When a car accident occurs that causes the death or serious injury of a child, there is the potential of significant medical expenses. These expenses are often immediate and can persist over the long-term. Investigating all the circumstances surrounding such an accident is a detailed and laborious process. It is the key, however, to protecting all of one’s legal rights and options.

The death of or serious injury to a child in an auto accident is an emotional and potentially devastating circumstance. While it is often difficult to deal with the issues involved, turning to a reputable personal injury lawyer is an important step to take.

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