Criminal Negligence Car Accident Lawyers in Austin

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Car accidents resulting from criminal negligence often requires the assistance of an experienced Austin car accident attorney. In most instances of negligence, it requires more skill and experience to prove or disprove negligence. Experienced attorneys handle these cases daily and should be consulted to yield positive outcomes.

When Classifies as Criminal Negligence in a Car Accident?

Unfortunately, there are all types of criminal negligence and an owner of a car can be rendered criminally negligent for entrustment if a car wreck occurs while someone else is driving their car. For instance, intoxicated drivers, unlicensed, drivers, underage drivers, elderly drivers, and inexperienced drivers can all result in a criminal negligence charge for the owner of the car and the driver.

When people’s lives are at stake, the laws become stricter. Here is what you need to know about different situations that may arise where a person or a car owner might be guilty of criminal negligence.

Employee Driving – If your employee drives your car while they are performing their job duties and they have an accident, the company may be guilty of negligent driving. For example, if your employee runs fails to stop for a red light and strikes another vehicle, they may be guilty of any damages caused during the accident.

Negligent Entrustment – In family situations, the car is often not owned by the minor driving the car. If the child is reckless while driving the car, a family member or owner may be guilty what is known as negligent entrustment. Under the Family Purpose Doctrine, the owner is liable for negligent driving inflicted by any family member driving a car. Some states may even make the parent legally responsible for any minor’s negligent driving behaviors if the parent signs a minor’s driver’s license application.

Unlicensed Drivers – A person who lends a car to a minor may be charged with criminal negligence if the person is involve in an accident. The owner and the driver may be asked to pay any damages caused to the driver.

Intoxicated Drivers – Intoxicated drivers may be charged with negligent entrustment if they are involved in an accident. The owner of the car may be guilty of criminal negligence or manslaughter if someone dies from their behavior.

Elderly Drivers – Elderly drivers old lose dexterity, eyesight, judgment, and balance when they age. This could cause them to be unfit for driving. They may have slower reaction times and be unable to stop at the appropriate time. If you knowingly lend your car to this type of person, this could be considered negligent entrustment.

Inexperienced Driver – An inexperienced driver or a driver with a learner’s permit may be guilty of criminal negligence. Do not allow an inexperienced person drive your car unsupervised, or you may be guilty of negligent entrustment.

Situations that May Arise in a Criminal Negligence Case

When situations arise in Austin, Texas, attorneys can help people resolve issues by assigning guilt to the appropriate party. Because of the complexities of the law, it is best to hire someone who can help with these matters. Contact an Austin Personal Injury attorney at Zinda Law Group for more information.