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Concussion is the most common type of traumatic brain injury. The word originates from the Latin word, “concutere”, which means to shake violently. Concussion injuries can range from mild to severe and in professional sports you often hear of a player being removed from the field because of a concussion.

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This type of head injury can be permanent or temporary. Sometimes, with the right therapy and treatment, patients can regain all or almost all of their cognitive functions. The brain is a very delicate organ that controls all the various functions of the body. It is the center of the nervous system and when it is injured, can have a number of unusual symptoms.

Since the brain generates patterns of muscle activity, you may not be able to walk or move correctly. The brain also controls speech so your speech may be slurred. In fact, all the senses can be affected including vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

How Does Brain Damage Occur?

Brain damage can occur any number of ways but ultimately is caused by some accident or event that results in a violent blow to the head. Those involved in motorcycle accidents often receive brain damage even if wearing a helmet. Serious car accidents can also cause this type of injury. Falling from several stories high is another cause and this might happen on the job. Those involved in some types of professions are more likely to get a concussion.

Boxers, football players, rugby players and a few other sports commonly generate the type of extreme physical activity that can cause a concussion. Some jobs like construction, roofing, and others might also expose workers to danger. Sometimes victims will go into a coma or some other altered state of consciousness. This can be temporary or permanent but in many cases the brain will begin to heal itself with the right treatments and therapy.

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When victims receive severe concussion or repeated concussions their behavior may be permanently altered. Speech patterns may be interrupted with a loss of memory and/or mobility. If you have been a victim of a serious accident where you received a concussion, then it’s important to get the right medical care as quickly as possible.

Sometimes accidents do happen and they are avoidable, but sometimes an accident can be caused by another person’s negligence. If you feel like your injuries were caused by someone’s negligence, then you have a legal right to obtain financial compensation for your losses. These can include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and many others.

Brain injuries and concussion can require specialized treatment and ongoing medical therapy so it’s important to get the financial compensation you need for those treatments. Zinda Law Group has been helping victims for many years with issues like this. Our Austin law firm offers free legal appointments so that you can discuss your case with one of our Personal Injury attorneys. We can advise you and help you make the right decision for your family’s future.

Zinda Law Group works on a contingency fee basis so you will not have to pay court costs and legal fees upfront. We have many years of experience representing victims and we understand the Texas legal system and what it takes to win in court. We represent our clients with sound legal strategies and aggressive representation.

Don’t take chances with your family’s financial future. If you’ve been injured in an accident have received a concussion or other brain injury then please call our office today to schedule your free appointment.