Construction Sites Cutting Accident Lawyers

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Cuts, lacerations, and power saw injuries are among the main forms of workplace personal injury accidents that occur in today’s workforce. The Emergency Department of George Washington University reports that electric saw and cutting accidents result in more worker injuries compared to other accidents. According to the study, nearly two times the number of workers suffered from cutting injuries compared to other hardhat injuries on job sites.

Dangers of Cutting Tools

Construction sites and related industries require the use of various cutting blades and saws when performing job duties. Workers use circular saws, table saws, power saws, chainsaws, and band saws on a daily basis. This equipment poses an increased threat and innate danger for workers, requiring heavy safety regulations to minimize personal injuries. Despite the increase in safety measures, accidents still occur on the worksite, which can lead to devastating cutting injuries. According to the Emergency Department of George Washington University, common body parts injured on workers include the thumb and fingers. The study showed that approximately:

  • 616 workers suffered thumb or finger injuries
  • 411 workers suffered wrist or hand injuries
  • 314 workers suffered eye lacerations
  • 311 workers suffered forehead injuries
  • 289 workers suffered foot or ankle injuries
  • 287 workers suffered back injuries
  • 251 workers suffered leg, hip, or knee injuries
  • 219 workers suffered a forearm or elbow injury
  • 125 workers suffered shoulder injuries
  • 109 workers suffered pelvis injuries
  • 65 workers suffered neck injuries
  • 35 workers suffered multiple injuries

Out of 2,916 injuries, cuts and lacerations accounted for more than 50 percent of the injuries, with most of the cutting accidents being a direct result of malfunctioning power saws or the improper usage of cutting tools. Personal injuries from cutting equipment occur mainly on construction worksites, and before you agree to any company settlement, you should contact Zinda Law Group to discern what legal rights you are entitled too in the event of a cutting accident.

Importance of Attorneys

It is a common occurrence for workers to lose fingers, limbs, and hands on cutting equipment. In some cases, death may occur due to loss of blood or an internal organ injury. Following a personal injury accident with a cutting tool, the company’s insurance adjuster may offer an appealing settlement, but the purpose of these adjusters is to conclude the accident case quickly while paying you the least amount of money as possible.

If you or your loved one has suffered a personal injury due to a cutting accident that involved a defective product or worker negligence in Austin, Texas, contact Zinda Law Group for assistance with filing a wrongful death claim or injury claim. While most personal injury claims for cutting accidents are settled outside of court, the right Personal Injury attorney can represent your physical, emotional, and financial losses, helping you obtain the settlement amount you deserve.