Defective Scaffolding Accident Lawyers in Austin

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A typical construction site has workers who perform various tasks on scaffolds. These professionals must be protected from scaffold falls that cause thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths every year. Employers and employees lose thousands of dollars when workdays are missed. Some employees slip, but many problems are caused by defective supports and fallen objects. If your accident was caused by negligent behavior, filing a lawsuit may be likely. To prove that another worker did not comply with OSHA regulations, contact a lawyer who handles these cases in Austin, TX.

Scaffolding accidents occur because of various reasons. In some cases, workers do not clean the scaffolds properly or make repairs on time. In other cases, they misuse scaffolds because of recklessness or inexperience. In either case, a lawyer will find enough evidence to take action.

The fact is that dangerous scaffolds must be used on construction sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets rules for people who need to avoid accidents. However, some companies do not consider these rules and cause needless accidents each year. Workers suffer from steep falls, broken bones and head injuries. Burns can occur because of electrical shocks and fires. There are all kinds of injuries that lead to long-term damages for scaffold workers.

Your employer or workers’ compensation provider does not want to compensate you for the full amounts. That is when it becomes necessary to find a lawyer. The lawyer teaches you the compensation laws and helps you meet filing deadlines. Workers’ compensation is designed to prevent you from including your employer in a lawsuit. If the accident was caused by the scaffold manufacturer or a co-worker, you can still hold that person or company accountable.

A scaffold accident has consequences that affect your ability to work and pay for medical expenses. Use a lawyer if you want to understand OSHA laws and your entitlements to compensation. Worker’s comp payments may not be enough, so you will have to file a negligence lawsuit as well. Only get the compensation you need with a Personal Injury lawyer who understands the dangers of scaffolds in Austin, TX.