Construction Site Equipment Injury Lawyers in Austin

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Construction sites are dangerous places for millions of workers who face hazards from improper safety practices. The Department of Labor has stringent rules that are designed to protect workers, but they are effective only when responsible owners abide by them. The most common causes of construction site accidents include these:

  • Falls
  • Electrocutions
  • Strikes from objects
  • Entrapments that bind or trap workers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regards these causes as the “fatal four,” indicating their potential for causing injury or death. Workers who suffer a construction site equipment injury in Austin can receive aggressive legal representation at the Zinda Law Group Law Firm to obtain compensation for injuries, lost wages and the inability to work.

Construction Site Dangers

In an effort to better protect workers who regularly use scaffolding, OSHA updated its standards. Requirements for the placement of guardrails for any platform that is higher than 10 feet are supposed to limit injuries from falls. Additional rules are in place for regular inspection of equipment as well as for erecting and dismantling it.

Moving machinery can cause amputations, burns, crushed hands and blindness, but safeguards can prevent such injuries. An improperly inspected crane or forklift can drop a heavy load without warning, delivering a near fatal blow or a crippling injury to an unsuspecting worker below. Workers are injured when forklifts drive off of a loading dock or tip over with an unbalanced load. Supervision is required to make sure that employees do not fall from elevated pallets and that no one under age 18 operates a forklift. Employers need to make sure that each operator is trained and competent to operate industrial trucks.

Dealing with the Consequences

Many employers fail to provide necessary security measures, and workers suffer from their negligence. Attorneys at the Zinda Law Group Law Firm graduated at the top of their class at Texas schools, and they are well informed about personal injury law. Clients count on them for aggressive representation to obtain compensation for construction site equipment injuries. Every client receives deserved attention, and communication lines with attorneys are always open.

At a time of uncertainty and confusion when a construction accident injures a loved one, most people are unsure about what to do. The law firm of Zinda Law Group makes it easy for a victim of a construction site equipment accident to talk to a personal injury attorney by offering a free consultation. The importance of choosing a reputable law firm with a team of highly qualified attorneys comes through clearly when a family’s welfare is at stake.