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No construction site is going to be entirely flawless in its design, but it is the responsibility of construction site officials and managers to carefully ensure that precautions and procedures are being followed in order to avoid such mistakes. Research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that one out of every ten fatal work-related accident occurs on construction sites. Due to the hazardous nature of their workplace, construction workers and their families ought to have fair representation in the event of an injury or wrongful death claim resulting from any improperly assembled site structures.

The Hazards of Improperly Assembled Construction Site Structures

Construction workers perform dangerous tasks on a daily basis, and few things on a construction site pose a greater threat than scaffolding. Hundreds of construction workers climb on scaffolding every day, and improperly assembled or otherwise flawed scaffolding increases the risk of injury or even death in their line of work. In order to ensure proper safety precautions, scaffolding and ladders should always be assembled and placed on solid even ground.

Additionally, the construction project officials assume liability for other accidents caused by improper assembly, such as roofing accidents, while on the job. Improperly assembled roofing can cause collapses on the building or stray dangerous debris to fall onto people below the roof. A properly assembled roof should be clean, sturdy, and have a side railing to prevent falls.

The Legal Liability of the Construction Site

People in charge of overseeing construction projects are legally responsible for any accidents or deaths that occur as a result of unsafe working conditions on their sites. The safety of construction sites are dependent on human work and operation. Care must be taken by the people overseeing the construction site to make sure that all structures are properly assembled and are constructed out of durable, safe material required for the job. It is the understanding of construction workers that their supervisor is guaranteeing them a safe working environment. Negligence and failure to observe and report potential hazards on the part of the supervisor are the most common causes of accidents on a construction site. Anybody who has been the victim of an accident caused by such carelessness has the right to be represented in the court of law, in order to seek legal and financial reparation.

Our Personal Injury attorneys have experience working with improper assembly injury claims in all lines of construction work. We are here to provide anybody who has suffered from an act of negligence on their supervisors’ part with the best possible legal counsel available to make sure that you and your family get the restitution that you deserve. Our lawyers are all well-versed with Texas state laws and regulations regarding construction site and worker safety. We will work with you to see that the proper party is held accountable for their actions so that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.