Defective Machinery and Equipment Injury Lawyers

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Industrial and manufacturing occupations are some of the most dangerous occupations in America, in part because the people working in these industries are constantly surrounded by heavy machinery that is often outdated, defective or even altered.

Accidents involving defective machinery and equipment are typically severe. Other workers may only take seconds to react and reach the manual shut-off or override, but these few seconds involve ongoing, excruciating injury to the person caught or trapped by the equipment. Lost limbs, brain damage and other disfiguring or disabling injuries are common. Workers who are affected by defective equipment injuries may never be able to return to work or may only be able to find jobs far below their skill level that are very low-wage.

Defective machinery claims are multifaceted cases. People injured on the job by defective equipment can typically secure worker’s compensation benefits as well as filing a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the equipment that injured them. The injured person may also be able to file suit against his or her employer, depending on whether or not the employer was aware of the equipment malfunction and failed to warn employees about it. Employers are also responsible for providing their employees with the proper safety equipment. If they did not do so, they may also be liable for your injury.

Your claim against the manufacturer of the equipment is a type of product liability claim. To win a defective machinery or equipment case, you must prove that:

  • the equipment had a serious flaw or defect that directly led to your injury
  • the manufacturer knew about the defect or could be reasonably expected to know about it
  • the manufacturer failed to give sufficient warnings about the risks of using the equipment

Do I Need an Austin Defective Machinery Attorney?

Equipment manufacturers and employers typically have excellent attorneys who are ready to represent them. These attorneys know that people who are injured by defective machinery are desperate and are probably not fully aware of their rights, and they will leverage this knowledge against you. They may offer to settle out of court for an amount that is far below what you deserve for your injury.

Having the representation of an experienced Austin personal injury attorney is important to winning your case. An attorney knows all of your rights and the amount of compensation you are entitled to and can represent you in any discussions with your employer or the manufacturer of the equipment that injured you. Your attorney can also help you with the process of securing worker’s compensation.

The Austin personal injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group are experienced in getting restitution for people injured by the negligence of equipment manufacturers. They believe that workers have a right to expect a safe workplace that includes functioning machinery. Zinda Law Group is a contingency fee based firm, so if you do not win your case, you do not pay attorney fees. Call (800) 863-5312 for a free consultation.