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Do I Need to Provide a Third Party Insurance Company with My Personal Information?

This insurance is purchased by the insured from an insurance carrier for protection against the claims of a third party.

If you purchase insurance coverage in Austin you will need to provide the carrier with some personal information. This information is needed so the carrier can establish you as a policyholder. If you have any concerns regarding the information you are asked to provide, contact us for advice.

Third Party liability Insurance normally applies to personal injury cases. The most common ones are:

  • negligence of another party
  • faulty equipment
  • unexpected events and circumstances

Traffic Injury Cases

The most common personal injury claims involve auto accidents and driving related injuries. The heavy traffic on the streets of Austin is one of the main causes for the increasing incidents of these injuries.

Work-Related Injury Cases

Workplace injuries and workers’ compensation cases are also quite common. These types of cases are generally caused by negligence. That party can be a co-worker, supervisor, employee, another party at the workplace, or even the injured plaintiff.

Industrial Disease Injury Cases

This type of case occurs when a person has been exposed in the work environment to a substance or chemical that is causing health problems. The cases are usually related to work involving asbestos exposure.

Slip-And-Fall Injury Cases

These cases can occur anywhere. The locations are usually stores, malls, and retail establishments. These cases are often complicated and not as routine as may be assumed. It is extremely important to obtain an incident report before leaving the scene, and to get legal assistance in bringing this type of injury claim.

Fatal Accident Injury Cases

Accidents leading to the death of a party unfortunately happen more than generally assumed. An example might be an automobile or boating accident, or the collapse of a facility like a building or a stage in a recreational venue, or an injury related to a sporting or recreational event like skydiving, or hang-gliding.

The Need for Personal Information

When you enroll for coverage, the insurance carrier will request you to provide them with certain personal information. This information will be used when you purchase an insurance policy so they can establish you as a policyholder. One reason for this need is to identify and disqualify any applicants with a history of frequent insurance claims, which are often spurious in nature. The insurance carrier shall maintain the privacy of each customer and protect the customer’s personal information.

The requested personal information usually includes:

  • Name, address, social security number. Past addresses may also be requested.
  • Prior transactions with the concerned insurance carrier, such as payments of premiums or submission of claims.
  • Medical records from doctors, hospitals, present and past employers, and other insurance carriers, especially concerning claims.
  • Credit bureaus, insurance reporting agencies and relevant government agencies.