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Gas explosions can happen to anyone anywhere and they often occur without warning. A family may have no time at all to prepare. Though the causes can often be difficult to track down, the most frequent culprits are old, rusty gas pipes that were poorly installed, the use of inferior equipment, or negligence by workers.

Though new technology is currently being developed to assist in curtailing the awful tragedies resulting from gas explosions, the fact is that millions of homes throughout America have worn out tanks or outdated pipes running to and from their home. New federal and state laws have been created as an additional safeguard, but those laws only address future construction projects.

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unique circumstances of gas explosions

One of the oldest and most notable gas explosions occurred March 18, 1937, at the New London School, killing 300 students and teachers. More recently in Austin, the family of a woman who died after a gas explosion in her home is filing a suit after investigators discovered the potential cause of the damaged gas supply line. Part of their claim is that the companies failed to keep the pipeline in decent condition.

Losing a home, business, or loved ones from a gas explosion can have terrible and long-lasting effects. Not only are you having to deal with emotional and practical challenges from the accident, knowing what the next legal steps are can seem like a huge burden and not a priority in your life. However, a gas explosion can cause serious financial losses, and its impact in many areas of a person’s life can make it even more challenging for survivors to recover quickly after an explosion.

Where a gas explosion occurs and its outcome can change what claims you can make and who you can sue. Burn injuries and other losses related to a gas explosion are generally categorized as a “personal injury” claim. Other factors that would cause an investigator to need to conduct further research include where the explosion happened; was it in the workplace? If it was a car accident or if the person responsible for the explosion had acted with negligence, then the amount of compensation you may be eligible to receive will likely change.

general steps to take during and after a gas explosion

A personal injury attorney can help the family seek maximum compensation after a gas explosion, which can help reduce the stress they are dealing with, having to pay not only for things like medical and funeral expenses but also things like the replacement of household and personal items lost in the explosion or a resulting fire. A good lawyer can also help surviving victims proceed through all of the steps necessary to recover from the tragic accident, starting with these:  

1. Practice safety habits when you can.

Being careful and attentive can help reduce the injuries and loss from an explosion. You do not have to know a lot about gases to make some precautions a habit. For example, knowing where your gas meter is located before an accident happens can help you quickly identify whether the meter is damaged, or if a smell or sound is coming from the meter.

According to the Austin Fire Department, hearing a hissing sound or smelling gas near or around you can be a sign of a gas leak. At that point, in order to better avoid being injured in a gas explosion, you should:

  • Not turn on any lights.
  • Not turn on any appliances.
  • Open doors and windows, if safe to do so.
  • Get a safe distance away.
  • Call 911 to report the potential leak.

2. Remember fire drill procedures.

Although fire drills are more popular in school environments than in workplace and commercial settings, the basic lessons learned years ago should be relied on when a gas explosion occurs because there will not be a lot of time to react.

Gas explosions quickly become rampant fires, so remember to stay low to reduce the amount of smoke you breathe in. Do not go back for valuables, but head immediately to the nearest exit.  

3. Contact emergency services.

Getting to safety should be your main priority, even if you are not able to call 911 first. If you are unable to get to a safe location, call 911 immediately and give your location; because of the nature of your call, they will most likely already have an ambulance service headed your way along with the other emergency response vehicles. Make sure to seek medical attention at the accident site and afterwards with your primary physician if necessary.

4. Contact a personal injury attorney.

At Zinda Law Group, we have been helping burn victims and their families get the compensation they deserve for many years. Our expert gas explosion lawyers in Austin understand the laws concerning this type of litigation. We will uphold your rights and represent you in the most professional manner.

Whether your case involves a vehicle explosion where the gas tank was poorly installed, a negligence claim against an individual, or even a products liability claim against a manufacturer, Zinda Law Group  can help. We offer a wide range of exceptional resources and compassionate attorneys who will work hard on your behalf to pursue your case.

Types of compensation

In personal injury claims, there are two main types of compensation which are sometimes referred to as economic or non-economic damages. If you schedule a free consultation with a Zinda Law Group personal injury attorney, he or she will be able to answer your questions regarding which types of damages have been successfully sought after by people who have filed accident claims similar to yours.

Economic damages are monetary losses that can be calculated. These can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Vehicle damages
  • Property damages
  • Loss of wages
  • Future economic losses

Non-economic damages are losses that cannot be calculated by traditional means but can still be awarded. These can include:

  • Pain and suffering (physical)
  • Aggravation of preexisting condition
  • Disfigurement or disability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of earning capacity by minor

Calculating economic damages can be complicated, especially when figuring out whether a particular bill can be repaid, whereas non-economic damages are typically harder to prove and require expertise in cases and legal arguments to articulate why a person in a specific situation deserves them. Tort law—laws related to personal injuries—can affect what compensation can be sought, deadlines to file claims, and who can be considered at fault.

Sometimes in personal injury cases, a court may award punitive or exemplary damages; one aim of exemplary damages is to punish a defendant who has acted with fraud, malice, or willful and wanton conduct. Willful and wanton conduct means that the person had to have known that the action was dangerous and did not care about the consequences or the safety of others.

Although it is possible to receive exemplary damages, it is the judge’s or jury’s choice whether or not to award this category. Hiring an experienced burn injury attorney in Austin, TX, is beneficial to guide you on what have been the most common types of compensation rewarded in cases similar to yours.

Mind the statute of limitations

The devastating and longtime effects of a burn injury may cause you to delay seeking legal action after a gas explosion incident. In Texas, the general statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two years after the incident. The timing of when the “incident” occurs can be different depending on the type of accident, so it is best to contact an Austin personal injury lawyer as soon as possible because the situation may be time sensitive.

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At Zinda Law firm in Austin, our personal injury attorneys have a wealth of resources and experience in handling injury cases from gas explosions. Over the years, we’ve represented numerous negligence lawsuits that resulted in serious burn injuries, including gas explosions, car accidents, construction accidents, industrial accidents and boating accidents. We work hard on your behalf to recover every dime you deserve and have won huge settlements for our clients.

The cost of legal services is a big worry and a common reason many people hesitate to reach out to a lawyer, even if the first confidential consultation is free. That is the reason our burn injury lawyers in Austin offer 100% free initial consultations and a “No Win, No Fee Guarantee.” Our No Win, No Fee Guarantee means you do not have to pay unless we successfully obtain a favorable settlement, judgment, or verdict for your case.

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