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A hematoma occurs when the walls of a blood vessel become so damaged that blood leaks out into surrounding tissue. It is most often caused by a severe or traumatic injury, for instance an auto accident. Injuries like his might also occur on the job or if an individual falls from several stories high.

A hematoma can occur anywhere in the body including the brain. When blood vessels are damaged and blood leaks into surrounding tissue, it begins to form dark patches. For instance, if a victim falls from several stories landing on their leg or back, the blood vessels in those areas may become ruptured allowing leakage. A large dark purple area will form over the next few days that will look like a bruise.

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In smaller accidents, a hematoma will heal itself over the course of time. In larger accidents where the bruising is spread out over a large area, victims may need specialized medical care. This is especially true if the hematoma occurs in the brain. Victims may experience pain, swelling, redness, and inflammation, and brain damage can occur.

The most common ways a hematoma occurs are through falls, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, gunshot wounds, and traumatic head injuries. The larger the affected area, the more serious the injury is likely to be. These types of injuries can take months to heal completely. Intracranial, subdural, epidural, and intra-cerebral hematomas often require neurosurgical intervention.

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