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If you’ve suffered a personal injury, a lawyer from Zinda Law Group is ready to help you get the compensation you may deserve. In the wake of an accident, you’re probably wondering how you will pay for the medical bills and other expenses connected to your injury – not to mention missed wages. If you accident was directly caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person, you may be able to collect full compensation for your injury. A personal injury settlement may be used to pay for medical expenses, missed wages, doctor’s visits and other financial hardships. It doesn’t matter what kind of injury you’ve suffered; if it wasn’t your fault and you can reasonably demonstrate that someone else is responsible, you may be entitled to money.

In the past, Zinda Law Group has helped the people of Austin, Texas obtain compensation for their injuries, but accidents and injuries occur outside of Austin. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping the people of Lee County, too. According to the 2010 national census, the population of Lee County was about 16,600. In a small county, it may be difficult to find a lawyer with the legal experience to help you get a favorable case outcome. Our firm has helped numerous clients get the settlements they wanted and deserved. Let us help you! You can have peace of mind knowing that your legal future rests in the reliable, dedicated and hard-working hands of a lawyer from our firm. Call our office today and schedule a free case consultation to see what we can do for you.

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Have you been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault? Every year, thousands of accidents are caused by distracted, careless and negligent drivers. These accidents can easily result in injury or death. At the firm, we are well-versed in automobile accident cases and wrongful death claims. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or illness because of a careless doctor, you may be entitled to money in a medical malpractice suit. Whether your realize it or not, medical malpractice can be committed by any member of the medical field – not just doctors. Medical professionals capable of committing malpractice include doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, nurses, care providers and others responsible for the health and wellbeing of medical patients.

Our past clients acknowledge our dedication to personalized, understanding and compassionate representation. We have been described as extremely fair, honest and caring. These statements are a reflection of our dedication to providing people with reliable and exemplary legal help. At the firm, we abide by a set of principles:

  • To always be honest
  • To provide clients with zealous legal advocacy
  • To fight for the rights of the people we represent
  • To return phone calls efficiently
  • To be respectful
  • To keep our clients informed of their legal options
  • To keep our clients updated as their cases progress

With these principles, we give individuals and their families the hard-hitting and high-quality help they deserve. Facing a personal injury may be one of the most difficult experiences of your life; don’t give up. We want to help you understand your rights and circumstances so you can make an informed and educated decision about your legal future. If you’ve been hurt in a boating accident, motorcycle accident, by a defective product or in any other type of accident, a Personal Injury lawyer form Zinda Law Group wants to hear from you.

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