Psychological Elder Abuse in Austin

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Elder Neglect and Emotional Trauma

Among the various types of nursing home abuse is psychological abuse. While the scars of this type of abuse are not physical in nature, it can be just as damaging. You may wonder how you can even discover that this is happening, since you are likely never around to notice it. While this type of abuse leaves no physical traces, you can definitely notice its effects in many cases. Psychological or emotional abuse is a tragic occurrence when nursing home staff and caretakers, the very people who are charged with the care of the elderly, are actually causing them harm. One common way this can happen is by ridicule and harsh criticism. By making fun of the elderly, calling them names or even using a condescending tone with them, these individuals are causing emotional damage that is difficult to repair.

It has actually been proven that the emotional state of the elderly is directly connected with their physical state. When the elderly suffer psychological damage, it can actually have a real physical effect on them. They may feel incredibly threatened, which is why they fail to notify anyone that this abuse is going on. The elderly may not even realize that this type of practice is unacceptable, and consequently sit back and take it silently. You can get justice for your elderly loved one. Speak out if you notice any of the following signs that could indicate elder abuse.

Signs of Abuse

If your loved one is not explicitly stating that they are being abused or mistreated by someone, then you will have to watch out closely for the signs yourself. The major sign of emotional trauma is becoming withdrawn or depressed. Pay close attention to how they typically act and look out for any deviations of this. Ask probing questions, because another good indicator of abuse is a failure to answer your pointed questions about the abuse. If they feel threatened or insecure, then they might not open up about this. Your loved one may even be going through abuse by way of neglect. Even if there are no direct actions, a failure to act at all can actually constitute negligence, which is a ground for a claim.

So what can you do if you have come to believe that your loved one is being abused? The first thing you can do is report this incident to the care-taking agency or nursing home. These institutions are required to thoroughly investigate in order to determine if any of their staff are deviating from standard practice. The problem is, sometimes entire facilities are corrupt or the institution will not want to admit any malpractice because it would tarnish their reputation. At this point, you need professional assistance. An attorney from our firm can dig into your case further in order to investigate and find any evidence of abuse.

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Many people are afraid to bring up the possibility of abuse for fear of being wrong. We are here to let you know that you have rights, and you are absolutely entitled to speaking out. Even if you are unsure, you can report your concerns for an investigation. What most people don’t know is that you don’t even have to have evidence first, but you can ask for an investigation even if all you have are suspicions. To learn more, a valuable resource is the National Center on Elder Abuse. For those who are seeking professional legal help after abuse has been discovered, contact Zinda Law Group PLLC for representation that you can trust.