Paralysis Injury Lawyers in Austin

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Whether you get hurt on the job, during an auto accident or by something else beyond your control, personal injury can result in a lifetime of medical and other issues. Paralysis can happen as a direct result of the personal injury or as a result of negligence in treatment. Proving this type of injury is difficult and time-consuming, but you may be entitled to damages that can be recovered from the responsible party.

If you’ve experienced a paralysis injury in Austin, TX, then you may need an attorney to help you recover your damages. Make sure to keep track of your documentation. Important pieces of evidence could make or break a claim, especially if you fail to provide accurate reports and detailed paperwork that will be used to calculate your reparation. In order to assist your claim, you will need to maintain the following:

  • Copies of relevant receipts including out-of-pocket charges
  • A complete incident report of the initial event and supporting documentation
  • Written statements by witnesses including the date and contact information
  • Copies of your insurance documents and any relevant correspondence
  • Ongoing and detailed medical records with notes from doctors and physical therapists

Proper documentation is crucial to building a strong case and leaving no room for doubt in a judge or jury’s mind. Many personal injury cases get settled outside of the courtroom, but you need to maintain detailed records in order to give yourself the most leverage. The responsible party may try to fight you on certain items, but if you’ve kept accurate records, then you’re more likely to recover damages such as lost wages, future lost wages, medical and related expenses and even punitive damages. Paralysis is a serious consequence of someone else’s mistake. You can recover your damages and prevent others from experiencing the same fate if you choose to fight for your rights.

Negligence is a difficult and complex situation and requires experienced legal counsel. You need to prove that a variety of factors existed in order to claim that negligence resulted in your paralysis. Medical records, depositions and court testimonies form one part of the legal battle, but the entirety of the case could rest in minute details that only a professional can determine. While it’s an uphill battle, it’s one that can be climbed with the right team beside you.

If you’re suffering from a paralysis injury as a result of negligence, malpractice or accident, then you should consider seeking legal counsel. An Austin, TX, law firm committed to recovering your just compensation, our professional staff has the experience and knowledge needed to help you with your claim. Paralysis causes more than physical limitations. With stacks of medical bills, the inability to work and other emotional and physical hardships, there’s no need to further the effects of your paralysis injury by letting the responsible party off the hook. We can help. Call us today for more information and to schedule a consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney.