Children Brain Injury Lawyers in Austin

Sometimes, despite all of the precautions taken as caring parents, the unthinkable happens and your child suffers a serious head trauma. By its very nature, a head injury can have devastating short term and long term consequences. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that brain injury is the leading cause of child and adolescent disability and death, affecting a staggering near 1 million children every year to varying degrees and tragically results in over 2,500 deaths annually.

Children who suffer a head injury can experience a significant range of problems. Those associated with short term symptoms can include language or problems with expression, memory loss, seizures, lethargy, headaches, trouble seeing clearly or difficulty hearing, among others. While short term head injury related affects will eventually heal, the medical expenses and costs of lost work for parent caretakers can be quite extensive.

Serious Head Injuries Change Everything

Long term head injury problems can be debilitating both for the child, whose life is forever altered and the parents who have to accept the devastating reality that their child will never be the same. Serious head injuries in children can result in loss of motor coordination or paralysis, loss of balance, changes in personality and seriously compromised cognitive ability, speech, interactive ability and perception of reality. Hearing or vision can be permanently effected.

The consequences for the family of a child whose head injury is severe is difficult to measure. Frequently an extended hospital stay, therapy, rehabilitation, required alterations to the home such as the installation of wheel chair ramps and other accommodation, coupled with lost work time and ongoing medical bills can place an untold drain on a family and resources. The emotional impact can be even worse.

Seeking the Help a Family Needs

When a child suffers a head injury, the child's and the family's immediate needs, both medical and emotional, often blur the larger picture of what concerns must be addressed to seek compensation or restitution for the loss that has taken place. Too often, parents feel lost and alone in having to cope with the trauma. Because events generally take place in rapid succession, most parents feel there is little time to even breathe, let alone consult with someone who can offer sound legal advisement concerning the least stressful way to seek recompense.

The passing of time in a child's head injury accident can be your child's enemy when you need to pursue recovery for their losses. Experienced, professional and compassionate, Zinda Law Group, Austin, Texas, can guide you though the process of restoring the greatest measure of recovery possible for your child and your family. While understanding the overwhelming burden you are facing, Zinda Law Group are Personal Injury attorneys who are committed to providing the quality legal advice and representation that your child and you deserve. Don't go it alone. The time to consult with the legal help you need to move forward is now.