Automotive Product Liability Lawyers in Austin

When car accidents happen, many different parties can ultimately be at fault. Included in the American tort system is some responsibility for the manufacturers of faulty products. When these poorly designed or poorly produced products end up causing accidents, the companies that made them can be held responsible in court. It's important for all people to know that they can recover from a number of different sources when they're involved in accidents. If you have been hurt in a car crash, then the Austin car accident lawyers at Zinda Law Group can explain each of your rights in a comprehensive manner. They help clients understand whether they have a claim against an auto manufacturer.

Product Liability for a Faulty Design

Even if a product is manufactured without problems, a manufacturer can be held liable for its design when that design leads to problems for users of the vehicle. One of the most famous examples from the past was the Pinto, a small vehicle with a gas tank that exploded when the car was involved in rear-end accidents. Though nothing was technically wrong in the manufacturing of the vehicle, the maker was held liable for a faulty design. If it's a design problem that leads to your accident, then you may have a case.

Faulty Manufacturing Practices

Even when the design is completely correct, a manufacturer can still make critical mistakes in putting together the vehicle. With car manufacturers making so many cars in today's market, it's almost a certainty that a few will come off of the assembly line with problems. Most of these problems are caught before they lead to a difficult accident. Some, however, will leave you injured in a car accident. A good lawyer can look at the facts of your case to determine whether a manufacturing problem caused the wreck that caused your injury.

Understanding the Basics of Proximate Causation

As with all parts of tort law, you will need to show that the manufacturer's misstep caused your injury. Just having a malfunctioning vehicle is not enough to establish this causation. A good attorney will have to build the link between your accident, your injury, and the manufacturing or design problem caused by the vehicle's manufacturer. There are many ways to establish this link, and a good lawyer can help you with such problems with the evidence. This is what the lawyers at Zinda Law Group are best at.

Why a Good Lawyer Matters

Automotive product liability cases are some of the most complicated in the entire civil system. They require lawyers who understand a complicated area of law, and they're almost entirely dictated by expert testimony and conflicting evidence. In some cases, lawyers will need to negotiate a settlement for you with the manufacturer. When you have a good attorney on your side, you give yourself a chance at recovery when a faulty vehicle or product causes you harm. The Personal Injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group understand this area of law, and they can provide you with a type of legal representation that will make your life much easier.