Intersections Accident Lawyers in Austin

A car accident can, quite literally, be a giant pain in the neck. The immediate trauma of the accident is bad enough, leaving you and your spouse or kids shaking and scared. But what kind of damages are left behind?
• You may need to be hospitalized, bandaged up, or at the very least checked over by a doctor (an astounding 12,300,000 people each year are treated for car accident injuries).

• The police officer(s) at the scene may not write a very good report – and guess what, the insurance company will be working off that report regardless of its quality.

• Your car may be towed away leaving you to sort out what to do next to get around.
All that, plus your work deadlines won’t change to accommodate you; the kids are still expected to complete school, homework and soccer; and the dog will need to be let out within a few hours. Good grief!

Can an Attorney Help?

In many cases, yes. Admittedly, an attorney won’t carry milk to the table for you while you’re on crutches, or help your children with fifth grade math since you’re on pain killers. What an attorney can and will do for you is take over the paperwork end of things. If you or someone in your family is injured or traumatized, the last things you need to worry and fuss over are the endless ins and outs of medical billing, reports, and negotiating with insurance companies.

When an attorney decides to focus their practice on car accidents, they get really good at organizing endless stacks of paper into streamlined information. They track deadlines, close loopholes, gather supporting evidence from experts, and negotiate with insurance sharks. Let them take over that world. You worry about getting back to normal.

Choosing a Good Attorney

By your comfort level when you’re talking to them – which may well mean you talk to a few before you find one you like. If you wake up in the ICU to find them trying to put a pen in your hand for a contract signature, don’t hire them. If you see them chasing your ambulance down the road, don’t hire them. And if you feel like they are being evasive or manipulative toward you at all, don’t hire them. A good car accident attorney in Austin will be knowledgeable and honest.

If your case is worth $500,000, you need to know that. If it’s worth $35,000 you need to know that too. Honest and straight-forward is what you need, so that you can rely on their representation with confidence. Ask questions until you understand what’s going on, then make your decision.

Someone is injured in a car accident every 14 seconds. If this has been you, and you feel like you are in over your head, don’t hesitate to get some advice from a Personal Injury attorney who has extensive experience with car accident caese. It’s what they are here for after all.