Child Molestation Lawyers in Austin

Representing Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately, in today's society, there are many perpetrators of child abuse who gain access to children as day care workers, teachers, coaches, priests and youth leaders.

At Zinda Law Group PLLC, our lawyers approach these difficult cases with empathy and compassion for the victim and their family. We pride ourselves on pursuing cases with aggressive litigation towards the perpetrator and any organization that could have stopped or prevented the abuse. Unfortunately, predators who conduct these heinous crimes come in many different forms, including:

  • Day care supervisors
  • Clergy or priests
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Foster parents
  • Neighbors
  • Leaders of youth organizations
  • Police officers
  • Relatives

Information About Child Abuse Cases

Often victims and their families believe that the criminal process will achieve justice in a child abuse case. However, a criminal prosecution will typically not affect the entity that failed to properly screen the perpetrator of the abuse. It is important that organizations that act recklessly and allow predators around children be held accountable. In the cases of public entities like school districts, it is often the case that a victim, even a child, only has six months (and sometimes less time) to file a claim or give notice to the public entity, even if the criminal case is still ongoing.

Contact the Austin Personal Injury lawyers at Zinda Law Group PLLC to set up a free consultation to discuss your legal options. We can help guide you through this difficult time and ensure that complete justice is obtained against all those that were culpable of failing to protect a child from sexual assault or abuse.

You will have no attorney's fees, court costs, or litigation expenses unless you recover damages. Court costs, litigation expenses, and medical bills are paid from your share of the recovery. If there is no recovery, you will not be responsible for any court costs or litigation expenses, except for unpaid medical bills.