Ulcerative Colitis

Accutane has also been linked to ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis results in inflammation and ulcers that usually occur in the lower part of the large intestine or colon. Depending on how severe the condition becomes, surgery may become necessary to remove all or a part of the colon.

Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis, include:

  • Unusual Bowel Movements
  • Abdominal pain
  • Blood in your stool
  • Ongoing bouts of diarrhea that don't respond to over-the-counter (OTC) medications
  • An unexplained fever lasting more than a day or two

If you or a loved one has experienced severe adverse Accutane reactions you may be entitled to compensation. It is important that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. If you wait, evidence that could help establish your case may be lost, damaged, or even destroyed. In addition, statutes of limitations put strict time limits in place by which lawsuits must be filed.