Gender Discrimination Lawyers in Austin

Federal and state laws prohibit gender discrimination (also known as sex discrimination) in the workplace. Since the passing of the federal Equal Pay Act in 1963, it has been unlawful for employers to pay females less money than males for the same work. Title VII makes it unlawful for employers to discriminate in the hiring, employment or discharge of anyone based on their gender.

Texas statutes also prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender. Despite the existence of this law, we know that employers continue to treat females differently than they do males. Often, it is up to the employee who was treated unfairly to hire a Texas employment discrimination attorney to right this wrong.

Workplace Gender Discrimination Damages

Sex discrimination can occur in any industry. Here in Texas, it is often seen in our gas and oil industry and other fields that are traditionally male-dominated. Discrimination laws apply equally to all industries and there are no exceptions for those positions that have historically been held by men. A woman who is denied equal pay or equal benefits for equal work may be entitled to recover damages.

The law allows plaintiffs to recover back pay if they are successful in gender discrimination lawsuits. Back pay is the amount of money that the plaintiff should have received from her employer, minus the amount that she actually did receive. Plaintiffs may also recover employment benefits to which they were entitled but denied, as well as other damages. The law also allows successful plaintiffs to recover attorneys’ fees and court costs so that the plaintiff with a valid sex discrimination claim does not have to pay these expenses to see justice done.

Hiring an Attorney

If you are contemplating a gender discrimination lawsuit, you have likely already tried to work things out with your employer to no avail. That does not mean that you should give up on receiving the pay and benefits to which you are entitled. You work hard and your compensation should not be negatively affected because of your gender. The experienced Central Texas gender discrimination lawyers of Zinda Law Group PLLC understand the difficult position that you are in, and we want to help. We are skilled advocates and experienced attorneys, and we are committed to helping our clients and making sure that they are treated fairly. You will deal directly with your attorney, regardless of the size of your case, because every individual client is important to us.

If you have been the victim of gender discrimination, you may be entitled to legal damages. The Personal Injury attorneys of Zinda Law Group PLLC are ready to provide you with a free case evaluation when you contact us at 800-863-5312 or via our online contact form. We will protect your rights and fight for you anywhere in Central Texas, including the cities of greater Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Hutto, and Austin areas. What sets Zinda Law Group PLLC apart from other law firms is our dedication to our clients. When you choose us to handle your discrimination claim, you will deal directly with your attorney regardless of the size of your case. We believe client service is important, and we treat every case equally. At the firm, our primary mission is to help people.